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Harley Davidson Bike Rental - Goa

Nothing defines freedom like riding a motorcycle and what better way is there to feel wild and free than on a Harley Davidson? You can now explore this lush paradise on a Harley Davidson. We have a Harley Davidson Bike Rental right here in Goa and what’s more is we have five models to choose from. You can take your pick of the Fat Boy, Roadster 1200, Forty Eight, Iron 883, or Street 750. [showhide type="davidson_" more_text="Show more" less_text="Show Less"]

Harley Davidson Bike Rental Models:

The Fat Boy is exactly what the name implies. Its bulky frame chrome finishes, chunky 160mm front Tyre and 240mm rear Tyre, big twin engine, signature LED forward light, high-performance front suspension, and high-performance rear mono shock makes this quite the ride. The Roadster 1200 is ideal for the adrenaline junkie with its 1200 CC air-cooled evolution engine, slammed handlebars to give you that rock star feel, 43mm suspension, dual disc front brakes with floating rotors, a double seater, and the bulky 19 inch front Tyre and the 18 inch back Tyre. This baby can be yours for the day if you like. The 1200CC air-cooled evolution engine, low slung single seater, the fat front wheel, split 9-Spoke cast aluminum wheels, foundation brake system and 7.9 litre fuel tank could only mean one thing… the Forty Eight Harley. You have a chance to zip on these roads on your own. If you ever wanted to feel like a Hell’s Angel, now’s your chance! Pull out that leather jacket and get ready for one of the most memorable rides of your life on the Iron 883. The Hiawatha headlamp and nacelle, cast aluminum impeller wheels, and two saddlebags gives it a touch of class and it can be yours for a day. The perfect bike for Indian traffic, 750CC, low seat, dark aggressive custom look can only mean the Street 750. Thanks to its low weight, low center of gravity pulling this mean machine off its side stand is a piece of cake.

 Harley Davidson Bike - Rental Information:

You can choose from any of the five Harley Davidson Bike models and it’s yours for 24 hours. The Rental time begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 9 a.m. the next day which means that you get to keep the Harley Davidson of your choice for an entire day. You can cruise down the roads like a superstar. The bike will have to be returned to us the next day at 9 a.m. irrespective of what time you take the bike. We also require a copy of your driver’s license, but the original has to be shown. You will have to keep an ID proof with us, either your PAN card or Adhar Card which you will collect when you return the bike. You will also have to make a deposit of 5000/- INR which will be refunded when you drop the bike off at our location. We will provide you with a helmet if you don’t have one and some petrol to go to nearest petrol station.

Booking / Enquriy Information:

Please contact us to hire a Harley Davidson bike in Goa or you can visit our website and enquire it online for rates. Advance bookings are always advisable to avoid disappointment. So what are you waiting for? Get your riding gear together, book your Harley Davidson bike in Goa for a day and cruise down our Goan roads feeling like a Road King! Please ride cautiously and responsibly. Please respect all our speed limits and one-ways. Please be respectful of everyone on the road. Please note: Any damage to the bike will be borne by you.  [/showhide]
Harley Davidson - Street 750


Street 750

Harley Davidson - Street 750 - Goa

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Harley Davidson - Roadstar 1200


Roadstar 1200

Harley Davidson - Roadstar - Bike Rental Goa

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Harley Davidson - Iron



Harley Davidson Iron Bike Rental - Goa

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Harley Davidson - Fatboy Goa



Harley Davidson - Fatboy Rental in Goa

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Harley Davidson - Forty Eight Price - India


Forty Eight

Harley Davidson - Forty Eight in Goa

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Harley Davidson Bike Rental FAQs

The Harley Davidson Bike Rental begins at 9:00 a.m..
The Harley Davidson Bike Rental ends at 9:00 a.m. the next day.
You get to have the bike for 24 hours (one entire day).
No you will not. Irrespective of what time you take the Harley Davidson on rent you will still have to return it at 9:00 a.m. the next day.
We have the Fat Boy, Roadster 1200, Forty Eight, Iron 883, and Street 750.
Yes you can.
You will have to show us a valid driver’s license (for a motorbike) and leave a photocopy of your license with us.
You will need your Adhar Card or PAN card which you will leave with us. You will get that back when you return the Harley Davidson bike the next day.
If you don’t have a helmet we will provide you with one when you rent out the Harley Davidson. You will have to return that back to us when you return the bike.
Yes, you will have to make a deposit of 5000/- INR which will be refunded to you when you return the bike the next day.
Should you meet with an accident then all repair costs will be borne by you.
If you are not a resident of India then you will have to leave your passport with us and collect it when you return the bike.
No you don’t have to wear riding gear if you don’t have it but wearing a helmet is mandatory so please make sure you have it on while riding.

If you are late in returning the bike you will be charged for an extra day and we will not return your deposit.

You can fill out the enquiry form and upon receipt we will send you the complete details along with the cost.

All prices are subject to availability, Kindly Call us: +91 7447700052 to know Harley Davidson Rental Price.