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How to reach Amboli Ghats: Route Guide

There are easy travel options from all the places.

Reaching Amboli is not a very difficult thing to do. There are easy travel options from all the places.


Reaching Amboli Ghats by train:

The best option to reach Amboli Ghats from the nearby cities is by train. Nearest railway station from Amboli is Sawantwadi which is just 30kms away from your destination. There are frequent trains going to Sawantwadi from the major places like Belgaum, Mumbai, Goa, etc.

Road trip to Amboli

How to Reach Amboli Ghats : by Road
Amboli Ghat By Bike – Road Trip

A road trip to Amboli is simply an extravagant experience. The scenery is amazing. If you love long drives, you can break your journey. The distance from Panjim to Amboli is just 91kms. So, you can reach Goa airport and from there drive to Amboli Ghat. While heading from Mumbai to Amboli, you will have to take the Panvel road.

Reaching your destination:


Whichever transport you will use, you have to cross Sawantwadi. If you are traveling by train there are a lot of travel options available from there. At affordable prices, you can get on a bus going to Amboli Ghat or you can rent a car.

Amboli Full Day tour from Goa during Monsoon

This is Full Day Trip start from Calangute, Goa. For more information please call us

Childrens playing in Amboli Dam
Children playing in Amboli Dam. Photo: Ravi Pawar

If you find any confusion anywhere, take help from Google Maps. You will automatically get refreshed on reaching the Ghats and taking a nice shower under the waterfall.

Amboli Ghat Map Direction:

Amboli Ghat Gallery

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