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The much awaited Christmas

So, again the year is going to end, again we are preparing ourselves for the New Year and again we will plan a lot of resolutions, but in the midst of all this, comes the brightest, prettiest and the most glamorous festival – Christmas where not only the Christians but a major part of the country participates. It is the last festival of the year but definitely not the least.

Goa celebrates Christmas with a lot of pomp and show, the tailors in all the cities are busy stitching the best dresses for the ladies and the best suits for men.  On the Christmas Eve, setting feet out of the house means witnessing the zeal amongst the people. All the churches and streets are decorated with the best lightings and of course you will also see people full of enthusiasm walking towards the church.

The brightness similar to daylight and the décor similar to a fable. Everything about the birth of Jesus Christ is special and on this day, people forget about fights, quarrels, they make peace just as Jesus Christ preached. The celebration includes the best of delicious cuisine, the best of decoration and the best of everything. With your spirit lifted high, just go out and visit different churches, eat some of the best cakes baked during this time of the year, take a trip around the city at night to experience the best view of your life and spend tie with your loves ones!

Christmas is not only a festival, but a reason to be together, to be with the close ones and to be happy with a reason as well as without one. Christmas brings happiness as we plan to welcome the New Year with zeal and enthusiasm, it is indeed one of the best festivals of the year.