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Shigmotsav Festival In Goa – Year 2019

It’s time to attend the famous Shigmotsav festival

“Will you be here when the Shigmotsav takes place,” asked Bosco, my Goa friend. From my response of a flustered face, he understood that I am not aware of the famous Shigmotsav festival. As per his direction, I started researching to get some information about Shigmo in Goa. And, I felt like a fool, completely! How did I not have any shigmo festival information, when I was planning my trip?

Extended trip for Goan shigmo

shigmo romtamel

The famous Shigmotsav festival is like a procession and is famously called Goa’s Hindu carnival. A festival to welcome spring and say bye to winters, it is celebrated over a fortnight from the 9th moon day to full moon day in March (invariably), which is known as Phalguna as per the lunar calendar, the last month for the Hindus. Apart from the seasons, the famous shigmotsav festival is also like a homecoming for the warriors who had left their homes after Dussehra, in service of the land.

Intriguing information about shigmo in Goa

The famous shigmotsav festival is Goa’s answer to Holi and apart from wearing traditional attire, people participate in various folk dance forms like hanpet (sword dance), divlyam naach (lamp dance), romta mel (one of the highlights), ghode modni (horse dance) and fugdi, among others. People practise abstinence for the goan shigmo festival that starts by paying tribute to the deities.

Book yourself for Shigmo festival Goa 2017

I am also excited to see the floats, mostly drenched in mythology that will be taken out during parades to observe the famous shigmotsav festival. Now with the state government pitching in with funds, it has turned into a competition in recent times, Bosco informed. I have extended my stay in Goa till March 27, when Shigmotsav 2017 ends. And from March 14, I will be totally engrossed in this fiesta to get the most of Goan shigmo.

Looking forward to Shigmotsav 2017

Like every year, Shigmotsav 2017 is expected to be a gala affair. Among the big ones, Ponda will be the first in the Shigmo festival Goa 2017 calendar where floats comprising Chitrarath, Romtamel and other dance forms will be showcased, followed by Panaji on March 18 and the end will be in Pernem and Sanquelim on March 27. So, hop over!