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Bicycle trip in Goa – Exploring Goa on a Bicycling Tour

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It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. - Ernest Hemingway

Goa’s biodiversity with its never ending shoreline, lush green hills, rich history, quaint villages and buzzing nightlife needs no introduction. What does need a strong mention are its fascinating biking routes that make Bicycling almost therapeutic here opening up a whole new Goan vista for the rider. Getting a sliceful of Goa’s rich history and heritage or hopping around its gorgeous islands or admiring its Museums and Art galleries on a liberating cycle tour is an experience not to miss.

Bicycling Tours In Goa

Passionate cyclists themselves, these curated tours are offered by a team of driven individuals vcommitted to making Goa more Cycle-friendly and promote Bicycling in the state one tour a time. They opine that Bicycling should be THE mode of transportation to conserve and nurture Goa’s natural beauty. Also, it allows for good muscle building for the cyclist besides the exhilarating sense of liberation one gets on mounting a bike.

Popular Location

Adding on to your Goa trip, these beautifully curated Bicycling tours take you around the most popular places in Goa that people like to see in the Team’s experience. They have put in a lot of thought behind designing your tours, so that you cover what you set out for when you chose Goa as your destination.

Customised Bicycling Tour Packages

With ‘Different people come with different choices’ as core, we offer three choice-heads of Heritage, Nature trail and Food tours. Each comes with sub-categories for you to align your preference with and for us to customise your trip further.

Heritage Tours 

Riverside Capital- Panjim - Steep into Panjim’s distinctly Portuguese character with its old Churches, sunny villas and cobbled streets as your tour hosts take you through the timeline of its 520 years-old heritage. Park yourself by majestic Mandovi’s riverside for a breather and let the surrounds work their magic on you.

  • Rs. 1829/- Person (1–4 pax max)
  • Distance: 15 kms (3.5 hrs)
  • Mon – Sat (Sunday Not Available)
  • Time - from 7:30 am or 4:00 pm
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

Vintage Goa Tour - Ride your bike through the grandeur of Old Goa’s vintage beauty and soak in its rich history. Reminiscent of its glorious past are its centuries old Churches and Cathedrals, some of which are still functional while other in ruins. Wheel around, stop where you would like to and see for yourself, why was it once considered ‘Rome of the East.’

  • Rs. 2296/- per person (1 to 4 pax-max)
  • 30 kms (6 hrs)
  • Mon – Sun (Friday Not Available)
  • From 7:30 am onwards
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

 Museum Hop - The ‘Museum Hop’ Bicycling tour is dedicated towards an appreciation of Goa’s rich legacy. A clever and customised route map followed as per group or individual preferences as the case may be allows you to literally hop through quite a few of these historically-culturally rich Museums, packing more in your day than you imagined.

  • Cost: On Request (1 to 4 pax-max)
  • Availability: On Request with advance notice
  • From 7:30 am onwards
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

Natural Trails Tours

Island Hopping Trip - Give yourself fully to the serenity that flows by Goa’s scenic backwaters. Hop across islands, take the charming ferry rides, go cloud gazing as you immerse yourself in a treasure trove of stories belonging to an era before the Portuguese past as you traverse the famous Goan islands on your wondrous bike.

  • Price: Rs. 2579/- per person (1 – 4 pax max)
  • 25 kms (5 hrs)
  • Monday – Sunday
  • Timing from 7:30 am onwards
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

Fort Knight - Well preserved or not but worth a trip nevertheless for their rich heritage amalgam, Goan forts are a must-see. Glimpses of Samantwadi, Adil Shah, Portuguese times that Goa has been witness to come shining as you cycle your way around these forts. Add to that the picturesque views that also serve as great picnic spots and you have a killer biking tour in hand.

  • Price : On-Request (1 – 4 pax-max)
  • Tour Availability : On Request with advance notice
  • timing from 7:30am onwards
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

Food (Earn and Burn your calories)

Dessert Crawl - This one is for those with a sweet tooth and love for authentic local desserts. Ride your way to sweetness with expert recommendations from your Tour guides.

  • Price : Rs. 1357/- per person (1–4 pax max)
  • Distance : 11 kms (2.5 hrs)
  • Tour-Availability : Monday – Saturday (Sunday Not Available)
  • Time : flexible time from 7:30am onwards
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

Strictly Seafood - Enjoy the beautiful marine produce caught fresh by local fishermen in the taste-bud tantalising Seafood tour. Delight the foodie in you that revels in local and delicious eating.

  • Price : On Request (1– 4 pax max)
  • Tour-Availability : On-Request with advance notice
  • Timing : flexible timing from 7:30 am onwards
  • Includes - Geared Bicycle, Two Hosts, Helmet, Water, Light Snacks

Good To Know

  • On confirmation of your trip at your end, the Bicycling trip curators curate your tour and customise the route for you keeping in mind your interests and the time of the day.
  • You are expected to report at Patto, Panjim at 7.30am and then cycle along with your two hosts around the most scenic routes. Combining history and heritage, they will let you in on stories both historical and fabled as you all ride along on your respective bikes.
  • To make this ride comfortable and less strenuous, the team offers you the 21-geared Btwin Rockrider 340 mountain bikes that is suitable for both roads and off-roads. A bottle of water and Helmet comes complimentary.
  • Committed to their quality of interaction with you and your safety, the team does not take large groups. Four people is the maximum group size. One host from the team leads the tour while the second one follows the group from behind.
  • Comfortable interim stops during these rides for purposes of snacks, tea, cuisine-experience keep excitement and momentum going.

Conclusion -

Come join the gang and take back home a Bicycling trip to remember. Pedal your way on Goa’s country terrains and experience its multi-dimensional diversity while you soak in its rich culture and begin to embody its famous susegad spirit because ‘when in Goa, keep it slow’ is the way to roll.