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Dolphin Watching Boat Tour in Goa

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Dolphins are one of the most charismatic sea dwellers and a feast for the eyes and can inspire happiness to the onlookers.  How about enjoying the vast blue as you take a boat ride and watch the dolphins playfully wild and take some candid clicks for your Instagram or Facebook?

Dolphin spotting in Goa

Dolphins are amazing creatures! Among the 35 varieties that live in the seas across the globe, you can watch two Dolphin species in Goa that inhabit the Arabian sea. One is the overtly friendly Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins and the other is just the opposite, the shy finless Porpoises.

Watching the playful dolphins adds to positive energy and emotions. But it is not that simple to get a glimpse. To watch them performing, you must choose a suitable weather, as strong winds are not favourable.

Our Dolphin Watching Boat Trip will be your nostalgic ride as you encounter the bewitching marine mammals - in the wild, and at their happiest.

Planning to see Dolphins in Goa? Here's what you may like to know more.

A fun-filled dolphin trip in Goa

When you are in Goa, you must not miss the intelligent species. It is a big excitement to look for big fins circling in the water and spot them during your boat trip.

Best time to see dolphins

The best time to see dolphin in Goa is between October to May when the environment is cool, and nature is at its best. In this pleasant temperature, the chances of sighting the friendly dolphins are more. With our boat rides, you will get a chance to get closer to the Humpback dolphins which are found off the Goa's coast and live there, just within 2-3 km of the shore.

What to expect?

An hour of cruising in the sea and looking for dolphin is a pleasing trip. The enchanting creatures will playfully delight the visitors in their wild as they play and feed.  Besides, dolphin spotting during the trip, you can gaze at the Goa’s very old Portuguese jail, Fort Aguada, Asia's first lighthouse and the famous Millionaire's Palace. With us, you will enjoy a very pleasant and ethical dolphin watching during your trip.

With the experienced crews, it’s an amazing ride and full of excitement. And as you wait for the Arabian dolphins, you don't know when they rise to show acrobats. Though nothing with the wildlife comes with an absolute guarantee, there are best chances to watch wild dolphins playing in their natural environment adding to memories. The boat engine is switched off so that you can enjoy big fins swimming around. Keep your cameras handy because these are going to be memories you would want to capture. So, make sure you carry your lenses and making the dolphin cruise more exciting and nostalgic.

What to wear?

Wear any comfortable clothing, carry your hat or sunhat, sunglasses and apply a generous amount of sunscreen to avoid tanning. Avoid wearing flip-flops. To keep yourself hydrated, carry water bottles. Cameras are unforgettable accessories. You will want to click videos and capture candid clicks for social media status updates and also see them in leisure when you turn through the pages of your travel diary and recall the moments.

Dolphin Safari Timing:

The trip can be taken anytime between 09.00 am to 5.00pm, but it is more appealing in the early hours or the late hours. You may contact us through web chat, phone or email during our office hours, between 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday to Sunday. Our tour start from the Sequerim Boat Jetty and you can enjoy your leisure ride in its best thrill.

With, your journey will be comfortable and memorable as we offer one of the cheapest cruise rides while keeping in mind your conveniences.

Dolphin Cruise Price:

Now you must be excited about the trip and wonder how much it will cost. Don’t worry. Dolphin trip is thrilling yet pocket-friendly, with just about Rs. 299 per person and completely free for children up to the age of 3 years. It is suggested to make advance bookings and avoid last minute rush or any disappointment.

What will the trip include?

  • Boat safari
  • 45 minutes cruising
  • Life jacket
  • Dolphin Sighting
  • Sightseeing

How to Book Dolphin Trip?

Now, when you have made your mind to have an enthralling experience with the wild in water, why the wait?  Grab the tickets before they are taken. You can make inquiries for this delightful experience through the online form provided at  Hurry! Block your dates in advance.

A memorable experience is waiting for you, at your fingertip.

Our online booking option is safe, secure and you get can your tickets books in a very easy way. You can make the purchase through various payment modes like Debit Card, Credit Card and more. We accept all types of Indian payment modes.

Wrapping Up

Get your backpack ready and start for a thrilling and adventurous dolphin sighting along with family or your friends, for some unparallel experiences.

Capture the playful water mammals, happily doing acrobats in their own habitat and adding delight to your eyes. Not just create nostalgia but capture them in your DSLRs or mobile camera…. This will be for a lifetime of memory. And as you sail through and away from the coast, you will be mesmerised to see the emerald green Goa that it appears from the sea.

For farther queries, please find in the FAQs section. In case there is any doubt, you are free to call us or email.

Enjoy the trip to add to your travel nostalgia.

FAQs for Island Trip

To get the best experience out of the Dolphin trip it’s advisable to carry a quality camera with additional storage space. Heap cap, jackets may be needed to evade direct sunlight along with sunscreen for protection. Binoculars are a must to spot dolphins from a distance.

For safety purpose, people who are physically challenged are not permitted. Hence boats are not wheelchair accessible.

Dolphin boat rides are conducted for a duration of 45minutes.

The boat is equipped with one of the best safety gear and also qualified professionals are there to guide you during the ride. Besides, there is enough space within the boat for comfortable seating to guarantee your safety.

As the trip is into the open sea, chances are that you may get a bit wet by the splashing waves but that’s normal. It may not completely drench you but it won’t bother you either.

Generally, the tour operators slot the trips twice in a day. The first ride begins at 11am while the second one is scheduled for 3pm.

Those who known dolphins will advise you not to attempt  swimming  alongside  dolphins simply because the skin of the humped dolphins found in the Goan waters  is quite abrasive and you make risk getting skin infection. Most dolphins are free-roaming and can be spotted from a close distance. Sighting rate is also high.

There is every chance that you will definitely spot dolphins. Goan waters are warm and deep and dolphins roam freely, and even the timings are such that each trip will assure sightings.

If you wish to take your own ride up to the departure location, then do not worry about the parking as there is enough parking space that is supervised by a parking guide. Hence, you can park your vehicle without any stress. There is enough parking facility for your vehicle. There will be a parking guide as well to monitor your parking.

Yes. Boat rides from jetties at Sinquerim and Coco beaches are the two main spots from where tour operators run the boats into the sea for Dolphin spotting trips. Venturing into the sea for such activity generally begins from September, when the monsoon starts to recede, and continues until May – the month preceding the onset of monsoon on the west coast of the Indian peninsula.