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Kayaking Tour Package in Goa

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9:00 am or 4:00 pm Chapora & Aldona River
  • Duration - Minimum 2 Hrs
  • Reporting Time - 30 mins prior
  • Kayaking with Guide
  • Operational Month - Jan - Dec
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Trip Overview

One of the best sports to connect with the tranquil of nature, ‘Kayaking’ is fast gaining popularity all around the world. With good reason off course, considering the incredible opportunity it provides to bond with the forces of nature from first row. This splendid activity both for sports enthusiasts as well as water lovers provides an experience that merits a repeat and then many a repeats.

Kayaking experience

One of the best kayaking destinations in Goa is the backwater admist mangroves that provides the perfect backdrop to begin your journey from. You can choose to Kayak either in:

North Goa: Chapora River or Aldona River.

  • Short Trip (2Hrs) Rs. 1299/-

South Goa: Kayak to Pequen Island, Vasco 

  • Short Trip (2Hrs) Rs. 1299/-
  • Half Day Trip (9.00 am - 1:00 pm Or 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm) Rs. 1799/-
  • Full Day Trip (9.00 am - 6.00 pm) Rs. 1999/-

Report 30 minutes before at the time agreed upon (9:00 am or 4:00 pm) for 2 hours kayak to avoid delay and disappointment. Also, being in time gives you chance to absorb your surroundings and look at kayakers kayaking before you.

Kayaking Training

A qualified kayaking Guide will help you learn the requisite techniques and skills as a part of this session. He or she will help you familiarise with your kayak, its cockpit seating, safety instructions to be followed, paddle manoeuvring technique, changing course etc. Once your Guide gives you a go ahead, you are good to go.

You begin with easing your kayak into the waters and then paddling your way along the clear waters following the instructor. Savour the excitement building up giving its way to feelings of tranquil. Feel the golden Sunrays energising each pore of your body and your eyes taking in the wading waters.

As your kayak goes farther and farther along the back waters of river, you will be able to appreciate the natural mightiness of the scene around you from a backseat. Go on. There’s a great chance of Bird sighting along your way. And should you sight one, that camera can come really handy to preserve your precious memory. You can relish on complimentary fruits and miner water provided during the kayaking session.

Enjoy floating in the lazy white waters or wading through the thrilling river rapids as the season may be. Let the imposing might of Nature overpower and overwhelm you while you paddle your dinghy. Give in to the moment and emotions stirred. A meditative outcome of your kayaking, they will last you for lifetime.

On a completely different note, Kayaking also provides you an excellent workout and a window to understand your own capabilities for you have to constantly push yourself while in the mid of Waters.

Kayaking Package cost

As always, Tripraja revels once again in providing one of the most economical package to its customers. This phenomenal kayaking trip comes at a meagre Rs. 1299 per head per ride for a duration of two hours.

Booking Information

Check out the enquiry form provided at tripraja website Block your date and time in advance for one of the most pleasant and cheapest kayaking tours in North Goa.


  • Single Kayak with double-bladed paddle
  • Safety Gear
  • Kayaking Guide


  • Fruits
  • Mineral Water

Remember to bring along:

  • A Camera
  • A Towel
  • Footwear that is okay to get wet
  • While on the water, one tends to burn rather quick, so we recommend you wear:
    • Sunscreen cream or spray (min. SPF 35)
    • Shades
    • A Hat
    • A vest or a light shirt along with your shorts or board shorts

We also wish to advise you against getting anything along that you do not wish to get wet.

Trip Review / Conclusion 
Whether you go into the middle of the river all alone and enjoy your solitude or enjoy the one-on-one company of your friend, spouse, parent, child when paddling tandem; you will come back happy.

Whether you go kayaking to discover your capacity or just explore Nature first-hand, either way you will come back a winner.

Kayaking Instructor Safety Gear Single Kayak with double-bladed paddle

What is Kayak?

A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. The boats come in a variety of sizes and types and is made up of rotomolded polyethylene, a tough, flexible and relatively soft plastic.

Kindly fill enquiry form and submit. Our executive will get in touch with you via email or phone with details. Online booking option will soon be available.

We recommend advance booking for smooth process as this activity attract lot of crowd.

Currently we provide single kayaking.

It will take place in the backwater of Chapora, Saipem (Nerul) or Aldona river.

Yes, anybody can enjoy with proper safety precautions.

No, pick and drop facility is not provided. You need to reach by yourself on chosen backwater location.

Anyone from age 12 years - 60 years can participate.

Instructors/Guide are avaiable during Kayaking sessions. Please follow all the safety instructions given by them.

No, we don't. But you will get complimentary fruits and mineral water.

It will be your responsibility to handle your valuables.

Yes, your safety is important for us and we do provide safety equipments.

It will last for 2 hours maximum.

This activity is absloutley safe if you enjoy responsibly without consuming Alcohol as it is strictly prohibited.

We do not provide any swimming costumes or towels, but we recommend to wear something light and comfortable clothes.

We would request you to kindly check our cancellation policy or talk to us.