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Netrani island Scuba Diving

murudeshwar Scuba diving

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Timing: 7:15 am to 04: 30 pm Netrani / Murdeshwar
  • Snacks and beverages (Non- Alcoholic )
  • Duration: 40 minute dive
  • Minimum Age 10 years
  • Swimming is Not Compulsory
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About Netrani Island 

Netrani Island is a tiny island located off the Karnataka Coast in the Arabian Sea. This island is a heart-shaped beauty when viewed from above. The island is a picturesque island inhabited by wild goats and pigeons. It is quite easily accessible by places including Goa, Bangalore, Bhatkal, Mumbai, and Mangalore. Also, it is one of the most exotic places to indulge in the thrilling water activity of scuba diving. Both Goa and Murdeshwara feature several diving operators and shops which keep organizing regular diving trips and tours to the island. The island also boasts various trekking and hiking opportunities for the adventure junkies. The island is also locally known as Nitra Gudo.

Scuba Diving in Netrani 

Netrani Island is a hotspot for scuba diving and several enthusiasts head to this place to enjoy scuba diving. It is nestled 10 miles off the coast of Light House of Bhatkal. Netrani Island is a picturesque island with excellent diving opportunities. The depth in the waters of the place ranges from 8 meters to 30 meters allowing one to view beautiful underwater marine life. The visibility is quite clear and ranges from 15 meters to 25 meters allowing one to view the exotic underwater marine life with much clarity. There are excellent diving options for certified divers. The ideal time for diving here is considered from October to May when the temperatures are soothing. The temperature ranges from 27 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Diving here is done with experts by which you can make the most of it.

Netrani island features ample fish species that are commonly found in the waters of Goa or the Arabian Sea. Some of the water animals that you might be lucky to spot include Turtles, Great Barracuda, White Tip Sharks, Stonefish, Napoleon Wrasse, Cobia, Stingrays, and Black Tip Sharks. All in all, Netrani Island is an ideal destination for scuba diving.

Popular Dive Sites at Netrani Island 

  • T-55 - T55 is quite an interesting name for a dive site. Back in time, Netrani Island was used by the Indian Navy as target practice and the name 'T55' refers to the same. A disused torpedo can be spotted by the divers at a depth of around 22 meters in the west direction of the site. This dive site features a depth ranging from 14 meters to 25 meters. The bottom of the site features rocky topography.
  • Nurdery: This dive site is named as Nursery as the spot is full of millions of smaller juvenile fishes. The depth of the site ranges from 6 meters to 20 meters. Some of the types of dishes that can be spotted here include Amber, Bullethead fish, Rainbow fish, and Parrot fish. Often, one can also luckily spot Napoleon Wrass. This site is also considered an ideal one for beginner divers as the water current here is quite low. It is also a sheltered diving location. The shallow waters of the site feature several kinds of butterfly fish and ample of Moorish idols. Back in the year 2008, a juvenile whale shark was spotted at this site in the waters.
  • Pebble Beach: Pebble beach is yet another diving spot featuring a depth ranging from 4 meters to 30 meters. The shoreline of the location features big-sized boulders. The bottom of the site features massive mushroom coral growth at a depth of around twelve meters. At the time of tide change, the currents tend to get quite strong. During this time, diving must be avoided. Additionally, at a depth of around twenty-seven meters rests a wooden fishing trawler. This is the place where several big fish groups have their homes.
  • The Gretto:  Grotto is quite a rarely visited diving location and is ideal for the ones who wish to dive in a less crowded location. It is a beautiful underwater canyon where several torpedo shells lie in the surroundings. The visibility here ranges from 10 to 26 meters and a dive here would be no less than a thrilling and memorable experience. Some of the exotic marine animals that you might spot include angelfish, lionfish, butterflyfish, snapper, nudibranchs, grouper, triggerfish, goatfish, and damsel.

Apart from above popular sites, there are other dive sites also popular such as Bomb Bay, Dive Goddess, Wreck - Shaan,  The Ridge, Bomb Rock North and Grouper Point.

Diving Course at Netrani Island

Netrani Island is perfect place to learn Scuba Diving, This is favoirite place of Many Scuba Diving Companies in India, Following are main Diving Courses at Netrani Island.

Padi Scuba Diver -

The PADI Scuba Diver Course is ideal for all those enthusiasts who have less time in hand but still wish to do a dive course at Netrani. It lasts for 2 days only and imparts apt training for amazing experiences. It also includes 3 theoretical modules and 2 pool modules along with 2 exotic open water diving sessions. It involves diving up to 12 meters depth long with a PADI certified trained diver(trainer). You can either rent or even purchase the diving merchandise. All the various techniques and knowledge about the dive equipment is imparted to the enthusiasts in detail. It can be availed at a price of INR 20,500.

Padi Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver course is another scuba diving certification course that is well-recognized all across the globe. It is a much detailed training process that leaves an individual thorough with the activity. It lasts for 4 long days of fun and thorough training. There are 5 theory modules along with 5 pool modules which give you enough chance to get through with the diving activity. Additionally, there are four open water diving sessions via which you can explore the underwater marine life. The depth to which this course lets you dive and learn is around 18 meters. There is a PADI certified diving trainer who accompanies you in your dive sessions. To register for this certification course one needs to be a minimum of 10 years of age and must possess good swimming skills. Also, one must be physically fit. The course costs INR 26,500.

Padi Advance Open Water Diver

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification course is for the ones who wish to dive all alone without the supervision of any certified trainer. This course lets you dive up to a depth of 30 meters. It lasts for two days and involves two core dives and three elective dives. To take up this certification course one can register up once the Open Water Course is done. It is a course that helps you enhance your already learned diving skills. The course includes five dives that involve exposing you to varied diving conditions. To take up the five dives is compulsory and you can pick amongst various choices including Deep Dive, Wreck Dive, Night Dive, Navigation Dive, Boat Dive, Underwater Naturalist Dive, Underwater Digital Photography Dive, Search and Recovery Dive, Aware Fish Identification Dive, etc. To take up this certification one needs to be a minimum of 12 years of age and must be in good health. You must also possess good swimming skills. The cost of the course is INR 22,500.

First Responce (EFR)

Emergency First Response or EFR is a course that is open to both - divers and non-divers alike. The lifesaving and first aid skills are necessary for everyone to learn such that every medical emergency. It is just a one day course. It is a course that imparts knowledge of helping others without taking any stress. It teaches you about symptoms and signs of ailments along with the treating procedures. It also teaches you to deal with emergencies. It costs INR 8,500. The certification includes various video and theory modules along with several practical sessions. Also, you get to learn emergency oxygen provider.

Rescue Diver-

PADI Rescue Diver course is yet another dive course that goes on for 3 long days. It involves 5 theory modules along with beach and pool training. It teaches and trains you with Emergency management and equipment, Rescuing unresponsive divers, Self rescue, Rescuing panicked divers, open water rescue scenarios, and Recognizing and managing stress in other fellow divers. The basics required for this course include being a good swimmer along with being in good physical health. The course is a bit challenging but as the training begins it also gets fun along with the other learners and the process gets further exciting.

Best Place to visit around Netrani 

  • Murdeshwar Temple and beach (19 km from island) - Murdeshwar Temple is a magnificent temple of Lord Shiva which features the largest lord Shiva statue in the whole world. The temple is beautifully set on the Kanduka Hill which has the sparkling blue Arabain Sea on 3 sides. The main entrance point of the temple stands at a height of 123 feet from where one can witness the magnificent Shiva Statue. The entire temple is very impressive and imparts peace to the visitors. The temple boasts intricate carvings that are worth exploring. 
  • Idugunji Ganesha Temple (28 km) - Idugunji Ganesha Temple located in the Idagunji town is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is also popularly known as the Shree Vinayaka Devaru temple. The temple is pious and renowned and is visited by nearly a million devotees each year. It one of the most popular temples located on the Indian west coast which is also known as the 'Ganesha Coast'. 
  • Netrani Island - Netrani Island is also popularly known as the 'Pigeon Island'. It is nestled off the Karnataka Coast. Located in the Arabian Sea, this island looks like a heart when viewed from above. It features some of the best scuba diving sites. The island is also quite popular for its various tourist attractions. The island is located 10 miles from Murudeshwar and an exciting boat ride can lead you to the island. 
  • Karwar Beach (90 km) - Karwar Beach is yet another tranquil beach located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Netrani. This beach is a peaceful getaway for all those who are looking for some peace while being surrounded by the blessings of mother nature. 
  • Gokarna (59 km) - Gokarna is a beautiful small town in Karnataka that features beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes. It is also a renowned pilgrimage place. Beaches dotted with tall palm trees the beaches here are worth exploring. The beaches are away from the town and quite peaceful while the town has several ancient temples and pilgrimage centers. 
  • Jog Falls (57 km) - Jog Falls is one of the two highest plunge falls in the country and the highest waterfall in Karnataka. It is also popularly known as Joga Falls. The fall features water falling from a height of around 850 meters. The falls are ideal to view during the monsoons when it is immensely water fed.

Scuba Diving FAQs

Can the public visit and stay on the island?

Yes, the public can visit the island but stay on the island is not permitted.

Can I do Snorkeling at Netrani Island?

Yes, Snorkeling can be done on Netrani Island but it can only be done by contacting an operator that operates on the island.

What arrangements for staying & snorkeling are available?

Snorkeling can be arranged by the operators who operate on the island and there are no stay options here. Call us for more info.

What does the price for diving in Netrani Island include?

Diving, light snacks, and drinking water.

What is the minimum age of diving at Netrani Island?

Minimum 10 years.

How to book? Is there any online link for bookings?

Booking can be done online easily on our website with a few clicks. You can pay using a debit card, Google Pay, BHIM, etc. Additionally, before booking, you can chat with us on WhatsApp and clear any doubts that you might have before getting your bookings done.

How far is the diving site from Murdeshwar?

19 km via boat. (1 Hr 30 Minutes)

What should I bring along with me?

Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, hat, extra clothes or towel, photo ID proof like passport, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence.

Can I smoke or drink on the island?

Any individual who is caught smoking or drinking or even smells suspicious would not be allowed to perform the activity and there also would be no refund initiated. Smoking is also strictly not allowed either on the boat or at the dive site and center.

Which is the Best Season to dive at Netrani Island?

The ideal time for diving is anytime except the monsoon months (June to August) as diving stays closed during these months. Therefore, you can visit the place and enjoy scuba diving during the months ranging from September to May.

Are there any diving packages for a couple?

To know about any scuba diving packages for couples you can call us for inquiry.

How is a mobile network at Netrani Island? Can I take my phone to the island?

Yes, you can take your mobile phone along with you to the island but the network on the island is very poor. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not carry it.

Which is the best diving package in Netrani Island under INR 5000?

The ideal scuba diving package in Netrani Island includes taxi services to and from the boat location, rent for scuba diving, 2 long exciting dives, delicious lunch, refreshing drinks, and hot steamy coffee. This is quite a luxurious package for the price.

Can I stay on Netrani Island?

No, Staying at Netrani Island is not permissible.

Do I require any fitness certificate for scuba diving in Netrani Island?

There is certification required for diving permissions. However, patients with heart problems and lung problems or any other several health issues are not allowed to perform the activity.

Do you offer a Certification Program?

Yes, we do offer certification diving courses.

What are the diving courses you offer?

You can check out our website to know in details about the several packages that we offer.

How do I get an underwater photo or video?

We do provide scuba diving photos and videos. A 1-minute video costs 500 INR.

Can I get discounts?

Yes, there are discounted offers for groups. If a group of 5 or more is having a booking done then the price is 3999 INR. If a group fo 10 or more is getting a booking done then the price is 3499 INR.

Will I get to see shipwreck?

Yes, a shipwreck can be seen at a dept of 22 meters.

Do you have Snorkeling Packages available Netrani Island?

Yes, there are Snorkeling packages available. You can contact us for further details on the same.

How can I reach Netrani?

Netrani Island is around 19 kilometers away from Murudeshwar which is quite easily accessible from places like Bangaluru (512 kilometers), Mangalore (156 kilometers), and Goa (210 kilometers). There are comfortable accommodation options available including:-

  • RNS Residency - It is located on Murudeshwar Temple Main Road. Charges for a room per night starts from 3000 INR.
  • Mavalli Beach Heritage Home - It is located on Murudeshwar Beach Road, Mavalli-1, Hiredomi. Charges for a room per night starts from 3500 INR.