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Sunset River Cruises Package – Goa | Cost – Reviews – Booking

Sunset River Cruise, Goa

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Starting from 6:15 pm (every hour) Captain of Ports Jetty, Panjim
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About Sunset Cruise Trip

A holiday to Goa would be incomplete without an evening on the Sunset River Cruises. This is an hour long cruise where you sail down the River Mandovi. You will get to see the Sunset and you can see Panjim and Betim in Twilight and by night.

Of course the cruise has its own entertainment lined up for you while you relax and enjoy a mesmerizing Goan Sunset. A group of Goan dancers do the dekhni (A classical Goan dance form), and Fugdi (A traditional dance form performed by women during Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi). Once the dancers have finished with their performance, a DJ will take over. You are welcome to dance and sing along.

Boarding Location and Sightseeing :

The Sunset River Cruise takes off from the Captain of Ports Jetty, Panjim at 5:45 pm and there is a Cruise every hour. The last cruise of the evening is at 8:30 pm. This is a nice way for a family, a couple, or a group of friends to relax after an exhausting day of sightseeing. Couples will find this sunset cruise romantic and there’s nothing more romantic than watching an enchanting Goan Sunset together.

The Cruise will sail all the way down towards Miramar Beach. You will get to see Adil Shah’s Palace (Summer palace), Panjim City, the floating Casinos, Panjim Ferry Point, Betim Ferry Point, Kegdavli Beach in Reis Magos, Reis Magos Fort, Fort Aguada, and Hotel Marriott. Panjim City has a different charm at night.

Sunset River Cruise, Goa

Trip Excludes:

This trip excludes a pick up and drop off from your hotel. Videos and Photographs. Snacks and drinks. However, snacks, food items, and beverages are available on the Sunset River Boat which you pay for on the spot.

Trip Timings:

You can plan your evening cruise as per your itinerary. The timings for the Sunset River Cruises are fixed. The first cruise is at 6:15. The reporting time for this cruise is 5:45. The next cruise is at 7:30 and the reporting time is at 7:15. The last cruise of the day is at 8:30 and the reporting time is at 8:15. You will return to the jetty in an hour from the time you board the cruise. The cost per pax is 350 INR.

If you are keen on watching the sunset while sailing along the river then book the 6:15 cruise in advance. This is one of the popular attractions and it has been around for decades. Advance bookings are always advisable to avoid disappointment.

About the boats:

There is an upper and lower deck. The upper deck is where the entertainment is. You also have a good view of the city and the river. You can book your Sunset River Cruise on Kapitol right here.

What to wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid wearing flip-flops. There is no necessity to carry and food and drinks with you because you will get what you need aboard the Kapitol. Please don’t forget to carry your camera along. You will definitely want to capture the sunset and all the magical moments of the evening you create with your loved ones.

Cruise Tour Booking:

Now that you have another trip to add to your list of things to do in Goa, you can gear up to enjoy the best cruise in Goa. Spend an enjoyable evening sailing lazily down the river on our evening Sunset River Cruise and you can be sure that you will leave having made some happy memories aboard the Kapitol.

Book your evening with us right here on our website to ensure an evening of fun, music and dance. Take a bit of Goan culture with you at the end of the evening.

Please do not throw any litter into the river. We have bins on board where you can dispose of your litter.


Where do I board the Sunset River Cruise?

You will board the Sunset River Cruise at the Captain of Ports Jetty.

What time do I have to report?

You will have to be at the jetty 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

What time is the first cruise?

The first cruise is at 6:15 pm and reporting time for this cruise is at 5:45.

What time is the last cruise?

The last cruise of the day is at 8:30 pm.

What does the trip include?

Goan folk dances performed by young Goan dancers, DJ Music, and sightseeing.

What does the trip exclude?

The trip does not include a pick up and drop off from your hotel. No videos and photographs either. Food and drinks.

Will I get food and drinks on the Sunset River Cruise?

Yes, you can get both food and drinks but you will have to pay on the spot.

How much does the trip cost per pax?

The trip costs 350 INR. Per Person

Is this cruise okay for young children?

Perfectly okay. Young children love this cruise.

What should I carry with me?

Definitely your camera.

What should I wear?

Light comfortable clothes would work best. Please wear shoes that have a good grip.

Can I dance on the boat?

Of course you can dance on the cruise.

What if I miss the reporting time?

We will try and fit you in for the next cruise. Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund.

What if I cannot make it on the day that I have booked a Sunset River Cruise?

If the cancellation is a last minute cancellation we will not be able to refund your money. Kindly check our cancellation policy.

What will I get to see from the boat?

You will get to see Panjim and Betim by Twilight and night. You will see Adil Shah’s Palace which he would use during the Summers, the floating casinos, Hotel Marriott, the sunset (if you are on the earliest cruise of the evening), Reis Magos Fort, Kegdavli Beach, Fort Aguada, the lighthouse, Miramar Beach, and Cabo Raj Niwas.

How far down the river will we be sailing?

You will be sailing close to Miramar Beach.