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Tarkarli Scuba Diving – Malvan

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9:00 am - 6:00 pm Tarkarli, Malvan (Maharashtra)
  • Operational Month : October - April
  • Price based in per person basis - Min 2 pax
  • Child below 15 years not allowed
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India is blessed with beautiful offerings of nature and there are various picturesque places where you can enjoy the adventurous activity of scuba diving. One of such beautiful places includes Tarkarli, Malvan. A beautiful beach, Tarkarli is blessed with abundant underwater offerings including dolphins, coral reefs, sea plants, exotic colorful fishes and so much more that one can witness while scuba diving. One of the facts about this dive site is that it is safe even for the beginner divers who haven't even tried diving before.

Scuba diving at Tarkarli allows the diver to use underwater diving apparatus (scuba) that helps his/her to breathe underwater. Along with this, there are various other safety equipment including breathing regulators, scuba masks, fins, as well as gauges that the operators offer at Tarkarli to divers such that the underwater diving experience is both thrilling and memorable. Diving at Tarkarli uses all modern techniques and equipment and the entire activity is quite easy and quick to learn. It is also one of the cheapest activities to experience. It takes merely a couple of hours for the divers to grasp all the basic skills before finally going for scuba diving at Tarkarli.

About the Place

Tarkarli in Maharashtra is one of the most exotic places where you can experience not just scuba diving but also various other water sports. People of the metropolitan are often attracted to this picturesque place to experience the adventure and thrill that it offers.

Tourists have varied reasons for visiting the beautiful beach of Tarkarli. Some visitors explore it owing to the exotic marine life and the age-old corals. While some visit the place to explore the inside of the caves there. While some of the visitors enjoy both scuba diving and various other water activities like jet skiing, banana boat rides, snorkeling and so much more.

Concludingly, Tarkarli is one of the places to enjoy scuba diving at one of the cheapest offered rates. The underwater world exploration while diving at this exotic location is one such that would amaze you to the core. Scuba Diving at the very stunning Tarkarli has all of it - photographing the colorful tropic fishes, be thrilled by the school of the graceful marine life, and indulging into a number of other water activities that the place offers.

About the Scuba DIVING Activity:

Tarkarli, Malvan is a beautiful picturesque beachside that can be explored in the company of friends and family over a weekend getaway. One can experience the exotic underwater marine life and be amazed by the entire experience of underwater diving. One can enjoy scuba diving as well as other various offerings like Tsunami Island Safari, Dolphin Safari along with a visit to the ancient Nivanti Fort. With such many offerings, your trip to Tarkarli, Malvan is surely one of the most memorable trips that you can experience with your loved ones.

  • Reporting Time : 9:30 AM
  • Departure Time : 3:30 PM
  • Distance From Pune (340 KM)
  • Distance From Calangute, Goa (105 KM)
  • Distance From Mumbai (536 KM)
  • Type of Diving: Cylinder Diving

Underwater HD photos & video are available and you can take back captured memories to last forever.

 How good is scuba diving at tarkarli? 

  • Visibility - The visibility of the waters at Tarkarli is quite prominent owing to the clear water. This makes the scuba diving experience quite safe for even the beginners who have not been involved in the activity before.
  • Pricing - The cost of scuba diving is quite cheap allowing one to experience the activity at a bare minimum cost as compared to other places where the activity is offered at a much higher cost. 
  • Location - The picturesque beach of Tarkarli, Malvan. 
  • Expert – Scuba Diving is offered by a number of operators at the Tarkarli Beach where the activity is practiced under the guidance of experts. The experts first train the divers and then after the training the sport is practiced under the guidance of the trainers. 
  • Temperature - The temperature of both the beach and the water is quite pleasant for the activity of Scuba Diving. The overall experience is quite enjoyable owing to the favorable temperature of the place. 
  • Divers – There are professional divers offered by the operators to train the travellers as well as to escort them while they enter the water for scuba diving. 


  • Depth ranges between 4 to 20 meter
  • Visibility: 15 - 20feet
  • Best Time: The Best time for scuba diving (Malvan) is from November to April.
  • Currents: Gentle to moderate
  • Water temperature remains consistent around 27 to 30° C.
  • Level: Beginner / Entry

Things you can carry:

Some of the essentials that one must carry to the beach while visiting are as follows:-

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing Suit
  • Hat