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“You can’t stop the waves,
But you can definitely learn to surf.“

If you are hydrophobic, Goa is the place which will cure your problem. The one thing that Goa teaches people is be friends with nature and nature will give you so much in return. With the pristine Arabian Sea on the one side and the marvelous hills of western ghat, Goa is definitely the place you need to visit not once but a lot many times in one lifetime. The emerald pearl is not only about the sea, but yes, famous for the golden beaches. I fell in love with the water sports at various beaches and I am sure, you will too.

Video: Watersports in Goa: 

As the world knows, Goa offers so many water activities which includes the water sports.  From nature lovers to adventure enthusiasts, Goa has something for everyone. If you are hydrophobic and don’t want to try a water sport, you can simply take a boat ride which will definitely make you forget your fear. Watching the dolphins twirl is delightful. Water sport options are in abundance. You can choose from the options, you can also book a package which offers all the watersports together. Some of the best watersports on offer are:

Jet Ski


I am going to be a bit partial while ranking the watersports. Jet skiing in Goa is my personal favorite. Speed is the need and Jet Ski ride on the Arabian Sea is simple divine. You might feel a bit nervous on the first go, but with the skilled guide, soon will be soaked in the excitement of gliding over the waves.

Location: Calangute, Candolim, Baga

Activity Price: Rs. 450 per person
Ride Duration: One round

Speed boat


Amongst the various swift watersports, speed boating is not exactly a water sport but rather a water activity. The boats are heavy and so swift that they reach to 15 to 20 mph. You can spot dolphins and the guide will keep on telling you which beach you are crossing. The best part about speed boat ride is how the sea water falls on your face like drizzle.

Location: Calangute, Candolim, Baga

Activity-Price: Rs. 250 per person (Minimum 6 person)
Ride Duration: 3-5 mins approx



People crave for parasailing water sport in Goa. Who doesn’t want to fly high and reach the clouds? Everyone loves to touch the sky. A rope of around 300 mtr is tied to the parasail and the other end is tied to the speedboat. When the speed boat starts, the individual automatically lifts from the ground. It’s amazing. You can enjoy the aerial view of Goa. Parasailing fulfills your wish of flying like birds. Children below the age of 15 years are not allowed because of safety measures.

Location: Calangute, Candolim, Baga

Individual-Activity Cost : Rs. 800 per person
Duration: 1-2 mins approx

Banana boat ride


Look like a banana and move like a snake, this is an apt definition of a banana ride. It is actually a group task, while going for this, you need to trust others. The most comfortable and the most adventurous watersport activity is banana ride. You will be provided with life jackets and will also be told about some guidelines to remember. This ride can accommodate around 6 people at a time. You will surely love the speed with which it brushes on the surface of the water.

Location: Calangute, Candolim, Baga

Activity Cost: Rs. 350 per person (Minimum 4 person)
Duration: One Round

Bumper boat ride


Your water sports enjoyment is totally incomplete without the bumper ride fun. You are placed in a large air filled rubber tube and you are pulled by a speed boat and of course you are on the surface of the Arabian Sea. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, of course it is. This is an out of the world experience.  At the best price, you can book this awesome bumper ride or you can go for a package too.

Location: Calangute, Candolim, Baga

Individual Activity Price: Rs. 399 per person (min 2 pax)
Ride Duration: One Round

Scuba diving


To get a glimpse of the aquatic world, scuba diving is the best water sport for marine lovers. Takes place in North Goa, it is a 7 hour long activity where you are instructed on the boat by DIVE Master and then accompanied by an instructor you are taken to the open sea. Booking a package is the best way to enjoy scuba diving in Goa freely.

Location: Grande Island, North Goa.

Individual Activity Price: Rs. 1999 per person
Dive Duration: 10-50 mins approx



Kayaking is the funkiest way to explore the sea as well as the backwaters. Goa offers both. You can enjoy kayaking in Palolem beach. You can explore the backwaters at Sylvan Siridao in Zuari river. You will definitely love the mangroves and the chirping birds there.

Location: Calangute, Baga, Chapora back waters, Palolem beach , Sylvan Siridao back waters

Individual Activity Price: Rs. 500 per person on single kayak
Ride Duration: 30 mins approx

All Watersports Location in Goa

Some tips to remember:

While experiencing these amazing water sports in Goa, you might forget a few important points. I have tried to put some tips you should remember while you go on your journey to the aquatic world.

  • Wear light clothes, a short and a pair of tee shirt may be.
  • Avoid carrying valuable things along.
  • Don’t forget to take your camera along for some thrilling photographs.
  • Carry medicines, in case you feel exhausted.
  • Keep your guide informed about your health issues(if any)
  • Listen to the instructions and safety guidelines carefully.

Goa Water Sports Package

Get ready to explore beach adventure in Goa. Check the water sports offers and book package. The best months for water sports activities in Goa are the months from October to May. Make your bookings fast and ensure you have a great and safe time at Goa.


  • Parasailing with Speed boat ride
  • Jet Ski ride with instructor
  • Banana boat ride
  • Bumper boat ride
  • Life Jackets for safety

Package Cost: Rs. 1499 Per Head


  • Transportation
  • Swim suits
  • Towels