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Cruises in Goa

The best way to explore the hippy seashore popularly known as Goa is by some boat adventures. Explore the 9 most amazing and popular boat tours in Goa. There is nothing as such which Goa does not offer to the tourists. You name the kind of boat tour you wish to experience and your wish will definitely come true that too in pocket-friendly prices. Starting from simple boat trips to cruise trips, from budget to luxury, everything is organized in a perfect way. These shortlisted trips are famous because people have been opting for these for many years. They are attractive as well as less costly. 

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Dolphin Watching Boat Tour In Goa

A pleasant journey of cruising in the sea looking for dolphins for an hour is amazing. The beautiful creatures will surprise visitors in their natural habitat. They play with each other. It's a great and thrilling ride with professionals. And you never know when the Arabian dolphins will rise to perform acrobatics. The tour will provide the best opportunities to see wild dolphins playing in their natural habitat. You will add to a dolphin watching boat tour in Goa in your memories.

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Sunset River Cruise In Goa

An evening on the Sunset River Cruises would be a highlight of any trip to Goa. This is an hour-long trip that takes you down the Mandovi River. You will be able to see the sunset, as well as Panjim and Betim in the evening and at night. People here also enjoy the Mandovi River Backwater during the day. The tour will cost around INR 649 or less. You can book your tour with any travel agency. Either you can call a travel agent, or you can book directly on their website.

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Grande Island Trip In Goa

Grand Island is a tropical island that offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea's coastlines. You can also witness a spectacular water world with magical natural beauty. In addition to enjoying the visual grandeur of the beaches, you may participate in watersports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or jet skiing. With its clean water and diverse marine life, Grand Island provides one of the best underwater experiences in Goa. However, your trip to Grand Island will be unforgettable. You will carry all the best memories back to your home.

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Crocodile And Bird Watching Safari

The Crocodile and Birdwatching Safari is one of the main activities famous in Goa. It takes you away from the coastal areas. By taking a cruise through the backwaters of the Cumbarjua canal, you will be able to see a distinct side of Goa. You will witness crocodiles and a diversity of birds that you are unable to see near the beach. Wear good-grip shoes or sandals if you wish to embark on the crocodile and bird watching safari. It's best to dress in light clothing because it gets rather hot by lunchtime. Wear sunscreen and a hat or a cap.


A person dreams to spend a night on a houseboat and your dream comes true with the houseboat trip-overnight backwater trip in Goa. Spending a night on a houseboat is equally interesting. Chapora and Mandovi rivers are beautiful and spending some time floating on it is something mesmerizing as well as relaxing. You don’t have to go to a club or restaurant to throw a party, now you can simply rent a party adventure cruise. In minimal cost, get a chance to party hard on a cruise moving on the pristine Arabian Sea. Nothing like adventure, one must go for fun adventure boat trip package which includes kayaking, snorkeling and many more.

Couple Friendly Cruises in Goa

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Romantic Dinner On Cruise In Goa

In Goa Cruise, you can have a unique way to spend time with your special one. The best match for you is a romantic candlelight dinner on a houseboat. Spend some quality time on this luxury romantic dinner cruise in Goa. Here, you may sample traditional Goan foods while sipping red wine and feasting on a delicious Indian meal. Begin your candlelight dinner by giving your spouse a rose bouquet and a welcome drink. After being dropped off at your hotel, end your 2-hour candlelight meal with some quality and lifelong memories.

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Bat Island Boat Trip – Dolphin Sighting And Snorkeling Activities

The Bat Island Boat Trip is the newest addition to water sports activities. It is quickly gaining popularity. You can take a dip in the Arabian Sea, where the pure, emerald green waters are pleasant and completely safe. Also, relax and enjoy the gentle swaying of the boat while watching dolphins. You can swim and snorkel behind Bat Island, where the boat will be anchored. While swimming, you can catch a peek of some of the reef fish. You can have the best Bat Island Boat trip while enjoying beautiful corals.

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Adventure Boat Trip With Water Activities

To forget about all of life's worries and tragedies, all you have to do is go on a boat and leave everything behind. The adventure boat water activity will assist you in developing your wings and allowing you to fly like a free bird. Goa is not just known for its sandy beaches but also the magnificent Arabian Sea. It has made India a tourism hub. The fantastic 'Party Cruise,' one of the top boat trips in Goa, begins with a simple boat ride. You will experience a never-ending adventurous water activity on a boat trip.


Best Location for Boat tours in Goa

A favorite destination for a lot of people, the much known Grande Island awaits your arrival. The Arabian Sea waits for you to dive in and explore the marine world. Enjoy a half day Grande island trip or you can also opt for a snorkeling boat trip which is totally exciting. Why not explore the wildlife from the boat? There are packages which fulfill this wish too. Crocodile safari and bird watching boat trip is all one has to opt for. This trip fit everyone’s budget. The best one to experience the luxury yacht, catamaran and boat party cruise package. This one stands on number 1. Everyone wants to spend a lavish day on a cruise doing nothing but relaxing. So this is the time, opt for the package and make the best of it.

Houseboat Tours in Goa

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Overnight House Boat Trip - Mandovi River

The land with magnificent sunsets and clear blue lakes are also famous for an overnight houseboat trip. If you're seeking for houseboat trip or holiday, then Goa will be your right choice. You already know about its beautiful coastline, bustling nightlife, music scenario, and adventure sports. However, in Goa, you can cherish your best houseboat trip memory for the rest of your life. This trip will give you a private room to stay in and other amenities. At last, a houseboat trip is a must to experience.

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House Boat Night Tour In Chapora River, Goa

Goa is famed for its beautiful scenery, spectacular Portuguese architecture, gorgeous beaches, aquatic activities, and delectable cuisine. House Boat Night will be entirely another way to see Goa. This houseboat tour will transport you through the beautiful mangrove swamps. You may see crocodiles and a variety of unique migrating species. At Chapora River, you can sail through the tranquil backwaters at night. From the boat, you can take a view from your private room also.

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House Boat Day Tour On Chapora River, Goa

The Chapora River's backwaters, where you can spend a day sailing in a houseboat in the sun, will be your best day tour. Here, you can view the gorgeous scenery that surrounds the calm backwaters. Some of the incredible things you will see include emerald banks, palm trees, ancient churches, Goan villages, fishermen in their boats, and various birds. You are in for a treat if you are an ornithologist or love to enjoy bird watching. The Houseboat day tour at Chapora River will be your best experience.


Houseboat trip, fun adventure trip, party cruising, luxury yacht trip, bird watching trip and Grande Island trip-all these popular boat trips are best priced. People have enjoyed these boat tour packages making them the most attractive ones. With the guidance of experienced instructors, your boat trips are going to be comfortable as well as memorable. Make magical memories with the magical and colorful aquatic world.