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What if we tell you that you can soothe your soul with the dazzling beautiful sights along with experiencing the thrill and excitement all in one place? Dandeli is such an exciting tourist destination in India that combines the pleasure of sightseeing with the opportunity to enjoy thrilling adventures. Dandeli offers an epic combination of adventurous water sports, serene walks, high-spirited traditions, and enchanting flora and fauna. Our aim is to facilitate you in the best possible way to explore Dandeli to its’ fullest and enjoy every bit of your stay. A few hours away from some major cities including Hyderabad, Hubbali, Bangaluru, Mumbai, Goa, and Delhi, Dandeli is blessed with eternal beauty that is your best escape from city mundane to appreciate nature and refresh your mind and soul.

Dandeli offers you a huge variety of activities to do and you have smartly plan your days of stay to make the most out of this amazing place. Most prominently activities include Jungle safari which gives you a chance to explore wildlife while enjoying the fascinating scenic beauty of the jungle. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird lover’s paradise where you can explore more than 200 species of birds. River Kali is blessed with a picturesque view and serenity this river is worth visiting to relish your soul. You can enjoy camping on the bank of this eternally beautiful river, and thrilling river rafting to lift up your adventurous spirit. You can also visit Dandellapa Temple which is a famous pilgrimage site to cherish your soul. On this trip you can also spend soothing time at Moulangi Falls which is blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty that is so captivating and charming that its visitors can’t get enough of this place. This is the end point of river rafting from River Kali and serves more like a tranquil picnic spot where one can spend time with loved ones in the most relaxing environment.

Also, Dandeli is a convenient place to visit as it is easily accessible and is connected to major nearby cities including Mumbai, Goa, Bangaluru and others. Tourists who come to visit these major cities can easily take a detour to take a glance at this soul-enriching tourist destination.

The most amazing thing about Dandeli is that it is not just a tourist destination to visit and have fun but it also offers an unforgettable staying experience. There are many resorts and places that give you a whole other living experience in immensely beautiful surroundings and comfortable place of stay. You can stay here and feel the nature closely.

To sum it up, Dandeli trip is a whole package including comfortable stay and various activities, adventures, and sightseeing for you to make the most of this trip. We will make sure that you spend quality time in Dandeli and explore its’ beauty while enjoying a luxurious and comfortable stay. Our representatives will be there to guide you at every instance to make this an indelible vacation of your life that you cherish afterward.

Dandeli Packages List

Explore Water Sports, Adventure Sports, Trekking, Nature stay and more exciting activities in Dandeli

Rafting in Dandeli

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An Eco Tourism Heaven 

Wildlife lovers should make the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary a part of their travel bucket list. There is no other place in India where you will find flora and fauna as diverse as the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, one of India's four biodiversity hotspots. 

Dandeli is famous for its paper mills, wildlife, and flora. There are 17 wildlife sanctuaries throughout Karnataka, including Dandeli, which was designated a tiger reserve in 2007. This place is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty.

A unique feature of Dandeli is that the wildlife sanctuary and the national park offer you an enthralling experience with wild animals. In addition, the region has several thrilling activities to enjoy. 

Best Things to do Activities in Dandeli 

Several adventurous activities are available in Dandeli, such as river rafting in the Kali river, jungle camping, river crossing, mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, hot springs, caves, bird watching, and many others. Rafting on the Dandeli River is mostly possible between September and June.

River Rafting

A must-try in Dandeli is river rafting on the Kali River. Rafting will begin from Ganeshgudi and end in Maulangi. Rafting starts at 9 a.m. and can last for three hours consecutively. The cost of rafting can vary but is usually around Rs. 1500 per person.

Whitewater kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking along the Kali River is another adventure-filled water sport. A canoe will be provided to you, and you can go. 


Dandeli's forests are a perfect trekking destination if you are a trekker. Hiking through the forest can be an exciting experience. Along the way, you'll see amazing flora and fauna.

Jacuzzi Bath

The Jacuzzi bath always sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? The River Kali offers a natural, therapeutic bath that should not be missed. 

Coracle Ride

Another Dandeli adventure is riding on a coracle. Coracles are saucer-shaped boats used for river navigation. Ride in a family unit and marvel at the lush wild vegetation growing alongside the riverbanks.

Water Zorbing

Zorbing is not a very common adventure water sport in India. Luckily, the Kali River offers it. Inside a huge, transparent ball, you will have to walk on water a lightweight, transparent ball. A good level of fitness is needed for this activity.

Stay in Dandeli - Cost and Locations

Those who stay at Dandeli resorts and Dandeli homestays will surely have a great time exploring the jungle and the rivers, while also enjoying organic food. Resorts in Dandeli offer river adventures as well as wildlife adventures. Whether at a resort or homestay, you will find immense pleasure in being engulfed in nature, while the fresh air and ambiance will certainly make your holiday memorable filled with joy, comfort, and peace of mind in the lap of nature. While you might have been to too many tourist destinations, you can't beat the beauty of Dandeli, river resorts, or jungle resorts.

Dandeli resorts offer more economical vacation packages with all-inclusive options. Accommodations, swimming pools, and river activities, all of which are properly maintained, are the primary attractions. Rooms at the Dandeli Resort are fully equipped with all amenities according to the eco-tourism system. The resort's rooms are well ventilated, spacious, and have a balcony with jungle views.  Wealthier, mobile Indians and other residents from everywhere have been drawn to Dandeli resorts. Due to the abundance of biodiversity in the forest, there are many resorts near Dandeli that cater to tourists.  


There are many budget accommodations in & around Dandeli, which you can choose from. There are many budget hotels in Dandeli for those who don't want to spend a lot on accommodation. This city has a range of hotels to suit all pockets. This accommodation offers everything one needs to have a comfortable vacation, from creature comforts to value-added services. There are many homestays available starting at INR 1000. 

In Karnataka State, Dandeli is a popular tourist destination nestled in the Western Ghats, close to Karwar and Goa. An unimaginable wildlife jungle, Dandeli is a treasure of scenic beauty. Adventure river activities are very popular along with the river Kali. The Dandeli region has lush forests, wildlife, and rivers. It is a place with a variety of biology and ecosystems. The city of Dandeli can be reached by bus, both public and private operators, or by private transport or taxi. A wide variety of biodiversity exists in this area due to its thick forest cover. The history of Dandeli is also fascinating.


Dandeli is among the most beautiful and ecstatic tourist spots in the Western Ghats with a gorgeous background of Kali River. It is an all-time favorite destination for tourists in and outside India due to the huge scope for sightseeing, wildlife, and adventure sports like trekking and safaris. Some of the best things to do in Dandeli are river rafting, river crossing, caving, bird watching, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking, jungle stay, wildlife safari, moonlight boat ride, Jacuzzi bath, and many more. 


It is possible to reach Dandeli by own cars, private or state-run bus from any adjacent city including Belagavi and Hubballi that are 66 and 75 km away from the small town in Karnataka, Bangalore itself. Tourists from Bangalore (459km) can take Chennamma Express, get down to Dharwad - the nearest railway station and then can hire cabs to arrive at Dandeli. Flights can also be booked from Goa, Hubli, andBelagavi if anyone is looking to reach Dandeli via the air route. 

Dandeli is best known for providing a magical escape to nature loves with panoramic views of Kali River, Wildlife Sanctuary, Shiroli Peak, Anshi National Park, Kulgi Nature Camp, Supa Dam, Sykes Point, Syntheri Rock, Kavala Caves, Ullavi Temple, and many other places.


There are innumerable interesting places to visit in Dandeli lying on the western side of Karnataka. Each of them is likely to amaze the tourists with an unimaginable experience of sightseeing. The surrounding rocks, rivers, forests, and caves make Dandeli an ideal destination for the weekend vacation of people from Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune.  


From natural bliss and sunset points to water dams, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, and national parks, Dandeli has got everything for an exciting trip of tourists. Moreover, the options to explore River Kali, Shiroli Peak, Molangi Falls, Kodasalli Backwaters, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandelappa Temple, Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, Kavadi Kere, Disney Park, Jenukallu Gudda Sunset Point, Shivaji Fort, Syntheri Rocks, and many other places are always there on your next trip to Dandeli.

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is the 2nd largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka to have received recognition as a national wildlife sanctuary in 1956. It is spread across an 834.16 sq. km area in the Uttarkannada province. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary has been proudly beholding the rich tiger project jointly with the Anshi National Park. The craze of sightseeing a diverse variety of wildlife and birds with the option of a boat safari or jungle safari attracts the tourists to this place in huge numbers. 

The best time to visit Dandeli for tourists to enjoy every possible fun activity is during the wintertime (October and February). This makes this the perfect time since Dandeli offers the best sightseeing, climate along with exotic species of wildlife to indulge in and feel delighted. There will never be a dull moment as tourists keep fun charged in the cooler water with river rafting, kayaking, etc. You are also welcome to visit Dandeli in hot summers but not during the rainfall season Monsoons as visiting around could be a possible problem. Just remember that rising water levels can be risky, roads get muddy, slippery, and remain inaccessible most of the time.

The dense forest surroundings in Dandeli contribute to its moderate and pleasant weather conditions year-round. Here, the summer season does not feel that much hotter with the average temperature not exceeding 33°C and the rainy season still experiences a warm temp in the range of 20-30°C despite a heavy downpour. Throughout the year, the weather condition looks comfortable with temperature varying from 63°F to 95°F and is hardly seen falling 58°F or going above 99°F

Dandeli is blessed with beauty to explore in nature reserves, gigantic mountains, and mesmerizing wildlife. They have incredible attractions to cover together in 2-3 days' time during a trip to Dandeli. Even if you want to visit all the major spots and indulge in all the popular activities, a 2-3 day trip will be the shortest and sweetest one to go for with your family or friends. 

You don’t have to take up more than two-three days for visiting Dandeli. However, the more you choose, the better will be to keep away from the hectic schedule of your life. After all, you are going to like the serenity of Dandeli the most. 

Dandeli hotels, resorts, guest houses, dormitories are all ready to offer you the best price for accommodation. Right from the moment you check in to check out, all these places promise to deliver you the best vacation experience possible.

Hornbill River Resort, Bison River Resort, Shikra Jungle Stay, Old Magazine House, Whistling Woods, Dandeli Chalet, Jungle Lodge Kali Wilderness Camp, Sarovar Resort, White Water Resort, Nature Nest Resort, Century Resort, Panther Stay, and many more places are available in Dandeli for a stay on budget. 

No matter whether you plan to stay longer or shorter at any of the hotels, resorts, homestays, or jungle lodges, the price is going to start as low as 750-1300 rupees with extra discounts offered for a night stay in Dandeli at times. 


Both veg and non-veg restaurants are available in Dandeli city to provide you with an incredible range of cuisines to order from. The pure veg menu of the Amara Homestay, Bison River Resort, Dandeli Chalet hotel, The Sigdi, Samudra Manthan Palolem, GOKUL Veg Restaurant, and many more will leave you to crave for more. Similarly, the Stanley Farm House, Naaz Hotel, Biryani Paradise, Hotel Ambika, Hotel Royal are listed as the best non-veg restaurants to visit in Dandeli for a delightful meal. Be sure that these Dandelion veg and non-veg restaurants serve really tasty food rich in aroma and flavor all the time.


Dandeli has a great number of bars, clubs, lounges, and pubs that serve you liquor for drinking with your family, friends, or partner. You can sip beer, liquors, and wines in some of the high-rated bars in Dandeli. The option of drinking is available in star-rated hotels to keep your fun mode on; however, the price of liquor served at the bar depends on the portions, brand, rating of the hotel, and other such important factors.


Dandeli does not have any special dish to offer or take pride in but, it is home to many amazing restaurants where you can taste the best south-Indian cuisines. There are a significant number of hotels and resorts known for offering a fine range of south-Indian dishes. Apart from this local and all-time favorite snacks including Kachori and Samosas are also available. You can order many local dishes here starting from Dosa, idli, and vada to Bisi Bele Bath, Vangi Bath, Kesari Bath, Jolada Roti, Akki Roti, Sambhar, Uppittu, Ragi Mudde, and traditional sweets such as Chiroti, Mysore Pak etc

You can always find budget hotels, guest houses, Jungle Resorts, Dormitory, Tent camps for unbeatable prices with discount codes applicable up to 20-30% to stay comfortably in Dandeli during your trip. Though the booking price starts from as low as 1199-2500 rupees for a single night stay, it might vary depending on the facilities, room condition, location, surroundings, accommodation extras, activities available nearby, and more.


Dandeli is an amazing place offering you a riverside or jungle stay near Kali River with scope for fun adventure activities. You will get to book exclusively designed best of the best Dandeli combo tour packages such as Kali River Camp with Dudhsagar Waterfall Trekking with River Rafting of 1 Km in Dandeli and Boating, Jacuzzi Bath + Kayaking package.

Homestay in Dandeli with Bonfire + River Rafting + Boating + Jacuzzi Bath + Nature Walk in Jungle package, Dandeli jungle resort + Swimming Pool + River Rafting + Boating + Jacuzzi Bath + Nature Walk in Jungle + Kayaking + Bird Watching + Fishing + Night Camp Fire package and many more.


There are certain dos and don’ts to follow while going on a trip to Dandeli. It will keep you out of risk all the time.

  • Don’t shout; use bright lights (cameras/iPods) or wear bright colors in the night safari that could excite/scare wild animals.
  • Don’t offer junk food or cooked food to animals or it may spoil their eating habits.
  • Don’t get careless and throw waste (polythene carry bags, tetra, and other non-biodegradable packs) in the jungle as it will jeopardize environmental protection and animal health. 
  • Keep quiet, control your kids and keep them at a distance especially when they come close to animals. Don’t pelt stones or do something to draw their unwanted attention. It might backfire. 
  • Don’t smoke or drink in the forest to avoid any unexpected events like a fire or animal attacks. Also be cautious while lighting mosquito coils, candles, etc.
  • Try to be in a group and keep safe from violent wild animals.
  • Be attentive and follow the guide's word by word as they know Dandeli better than you. 
  • Don’t cause any harm to either flora or fauna in the forest and report any unexpected behavior or event like poaching to authorities


Since Dandeli is new to you, you should care to carry a few essentials before making a trip. They include a few optional items like long sleeve shirts/pants, shorts, laundry powder, hiking poles, sleeping tent/bags, etc. Besides, there are a few must-haves like insect/mosquito repellant, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, socks, camera, binoculars, boots or shoes, food, water bottle, small torch, umbrella, raincoat, warm clothes and personal toiletries you should bother to pack in your bag without even asking.

There is a long list of adventure watersports activities available in Dandeli to enjoy while going on a tour to this peaceful small town in Karnataka. Canoeing kayaking, white water rafting, Coracle Riding, swimming, fishing, and river crossing are some of the popular options to book and explore at a reasonable price. 


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Best Places to Visit in Dandeli 

Supa Dam

Dandeli sightseeing is incomplete without seeing the Supa Dam. Located over the Kalindi River, the Supa dam displays picturesque scenery thanks to the enormous amount of water it holds. 

Kulgi Nature Camp

Nature lovers treasure Kulgi Nature Camp. The greenery around this place and the birds and animals living there make it even more beautiful. Among the many activities available at this tourist destination are camping, photography, documentary filming, and trekking.

Anshi National Park 

One of the popular tourist destinations in Dandeli is Anshi National Park, known for its tiger reserve. In addition to tigers, you can see black panthers, elephants, and crocodiles. 

Syntheri Rock

There is a popular place for adventure lovers in Dandeli called Syntheri Rock. It takes a trek across a rocky surface to get to this rock. The destination consists of an age-old granite monolith standing 300 meters high, making rock climbers feel the adrenaline rush. 

Moulangi Eco Park

Wildlife safaris in Moulangi Eco Park are ideal for spotting indigenous animals and plants. Also popular with adventure enthusiasts, the place offers thrilling treks through wild forests and rope climbing over steep cliffs.

Kali River Side

Dandeli has so many wonderful places to see that it can be hard to adequately describe its beauty in words. Dandeli has an abundance of greenery and the Kali River flows through dense forest in Karnataka. Karnataka's backwaters are also formed by this river. They can hold your attention for a long time, providing many hours of relaxation.