• 6 years ago

A trip to beautiful Malvan

Getting bored of your daily life, why don’t you bring a change by planning a small trip to Malvan. Very few people know about the small town of Malvan, located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This town is just a drive away from the hippie capital of India, Goa. Just like other places of India, Malvan too has a lot to offer to the tourists which can be only enjoyed once you visit this taluka in the Sindhudurg district.

A blend of modern and ancient

Entrance to the Malvan Fort Every place has its significance and so does Malvan and Tarkarli. Tarkarli is just 8 kms away from Malvan. These two places have gained popularity in recent years and people from all over the world are keen to visit. The major attractions are the Sindhudurg fort, rock garden, tsunami island and obviously the water sport activities. The boat ride to Sindhudurg fort is an out of the world experience. A monument built in 1664 by the great Maratha King, Shivaji is a mastermind. Sindhudurg fort is built on an island and also houses an age old temple inside. Unlike many famous forts in Goa, this fort is sure to stay in your heart and mind forever.

Other attractions

The rock garden is a picturesque location where you can click as many pictures as you want and without fail the photos are going to be the best in your album. It is clean and well maintained, when the waves hit the rocks, the sound is simply majestic. Malvan marine wildlife sanctuary is also there, if you want to have some wildlife adventure you can go there. One of the best way to watch marine life is scuba diving.

Tarkarli - a god’s gift

With the crystal clear sea water and the golden colored clean sand, it is definitely one of the best places to visit. Tarkarli is located at the confluence of Tarli River and the Arabian Sea. There is a tsunami island that has been formed due to geological eruptions. Water sport activities take place here and people enjoy them at reasonable prices. You name the activity and it is there. People enjoy parasailing at Tarkarli because of the serene location.

Best time to visit Malvan

Sea view from Malvan fort There is no best time to plan a trip but it is better to visit a place considering its climate. The best time to visit Malvan starts from the month of October and continues till May. There are nice beach resorts and of course the delicious food is so tempting that you will enjoy eating sea food here. So, why wait, pack your bags and rush to Malvan !