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Bungee jumping in Goa at Mayem Lake

To attract a higher number of tourists’ the Goa Tourist Development Corporation has come up with an all-new thrilling adventure, that is, Bungee Jumping at the Mayem Lake. Being in collaboration with Jumpin Heights which is a bungee-jumping company in India, the safety measures are well taken care of.

Bungee Jumping in Goa

Bungee Jumping Location at Mayem, Goa

From 28th August 2019, the travelers can enjoy this activity at the Mayem Lake in North Goa. To add a tinge of thrill, you will be leaped up from an altitude of 55 meters above the edge of the lake. For more knowledge, this is as high as 15-floor building and is a perfect sport for an adventure junkie. Apparently, to ensure the safety of the jumpers a crew of Jumpin Heights will be present as each one of them is well-trained. This adventure is open for children above the age of 15 years and adults less than 40 years. In case, you are suffering from certain medical problems like epilepsy, osteoporosis or any other ailment that can be a barrier then you will not be permitted.

What are the Cost?

The jump lasts for about 2 to 5 minutes and is absolutely worth the price that is INR 4,200 per head including the taxes. Don't forget to mention your health conditions to the team before you plan to jump!

Best time for Bungee Jumping in Goa?

Bungee Jumping run 365 Days in Goa Still Best time for Bungee Jumping is After October till May. There is no such good time for the sport and you can experience it on any date of the calendar. Just make sure that you don’t select a rainy day as the activity is shut down at that time to ensure the safety of the jumpers.

Things to keep in mind before planning to jump:

Bungee jumping is a sport for the adventure junkies but make sure that you have checked the list of pre-requisites of the sport. Take up the sport only if you are physically fit otherwise it can pose severe risks for the individuals. If you are suffering from low or high blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety, asthma, or have any recent fractures then this is not the sport for you and it should be avoided. Apparently, pregnant women are also barred from being a part of this activity as this can be a safety hazard for them. You will have to sign a consent before experiencing Bungee jumping so make sure that you don't skip to mention your ailments to the instructors as they can help you the best.

How can the bookings be done?

Booking online is the new trend as it keeps away the last-minute hassle. Apparently, the booking could be done from several platforms that are online and offline. Make sure that you make an advance booking to avoid the long queues on the day of the jump. There are various payment modes internet banking, debit cards, and even cash is acceptable. Select the best package for yourself as different companies offer different prices.

What to wear for the Jump?

Be it bungee jumping in Goa or any other sport wearing comfortable clothes is always advisable. You can wear a comfy t-shirt along with pants or shorts whatever you like. Keep note that you wear comfortable footwear or you can witness the sport barefoot. Your footwear should not be loose and rather should be secure and something that gives you good grip. Avoid wearing heels for the sport!

Location information:

Location: Mayem Lake, Bicholim district, Goa 403504 Operating hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all days except Tuesdays How to reach the jumping point: Reaching out to the jumping point as an easy task as it is just a 45-minutes drive from the famous Baga beach and you can easily find local modes of transport and private taxis at nominal charges.

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