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Amboli Ghat - resting haven of the clouds

After climbing a great hill, you only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” - Nelson Mandela

Traveling is living your life to the fullest. Exploring the mountains, the hills, the water bodies and the other gifts of nature is simply a bliss. Amboli Ghat is a hill station, located in the Sindhudurg district of South Maharashtra. It is known for a lot of reasons, one of them being the waterfalls. It is situated in the Sahayadari hills of the Western Ghats. Also, 31 kms. from a small and beautiful town of Sawantwadi.

How to reach:

Road-to-Amboli-Ghat As the saying goes, ‘When there is will, there is a way’, reaching Amboli is not a very tedious task. There are a lot of travel options to reach this pristine beauty. You can drive or trek. Trekking is for adventure enthusiasts, and if you are a nature lover, you should simply drive to the location. The way which leads to Amboli is full of luscious green forests. While climbing the hill, a lot of monkeys will be there to welcome you. More about how to reach Amboli Ghat.

Best time to visit:

amazing-view-of-waterfalls Throughout the year you can visit Amboli Ghat. There is no specific time for visiting. But during the monsoon season, the mountains are covered with foggy clouds and mist. The scene is simply magical. The water in the waterfall also increases. Though it becomes really cool up there but still people love to take bath in the waterfalls. You will also find a lot of small dhabas, where you get delicious food. You can try pakoda and chai or maggi masala. They sell corns too, amidst the clouds, a hot and tangy corn is an add on. It is simply a delight to visit this beautiful waterfall.

Places to visit in Amboli:

Apart from the waterfalls on the hill station, there are other attractions nearby too. Some of them are:

Hiranyakeshwar temple:

hiranyakeshi-amboli The source of Hiranyakeshi River is in the Amboli village. The place is adorned with an ancient Shiva temple which exists in a cave from where the river starts. It’s simply a treat to your eyes. Your heart and mind will be full of purity once you visit this age old temple. Legend has it, that in and around Amboli there are around 108 Shiva temples, some have been explored and others are yet to be discovered.

Shirgaonkar point:

breathtaking-view-at-amobli Shirgaonkar point can be enjoyed the best during the monsoon season. The panoramic view of the full valley from this point is divine. You can get some of the best photos of your life standing here.

Madhavgarh Fort:

Madhavgrah-fort---Amboli This fort is a war memorial built on the road. While crossing it, you can stop and have a look at the various stories of valor that can be felt once you visit.

Nangartas Waterfalls:

amboli-waterfall A visit to Amboli Ghat and not visiting Nangartas waterfalls is simply an incomplete trip. If you are a nature lover and you are fond of waterfalls, this is the place to visit. Situated 9kms away, during the monsoon season, the force with which the water tumbles down the hill station is remarkable. Enjoy it while you are in Amboli.

Kaveleshet Point:

Kavleshet-Point--Amboli If you are in Amboli then Kavleshet Point is a must visit site. Here you will see the reverse waterfall as water is dragged upwards due to force of wind beneath the valley during the monsoon season. This the most awesome and adventurous thing you will see and will remain your memories forever.

Some tips to remember:


  • During monsoon, the roads are covered with clouds and mist, so it becomes a bit difficult to drive through it because the visibility is very low. You have to be careful.
  • While walking the steps to reach the waterfalls, try to be careful because it might be slippery.
  • The monkeys can be nasty at time, take care of that (they took my corn and ran away).
  • To make the most of your Amboli trip, you can stay overnight or for a few days. There are a lot of accommodation options, some pleasant resorts are there. So why wait, plan and pack your bags for your amazing Amboli trip.