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How to Reach Dandeli ? Routes Guide

Dandeli can be approached by bus, both state-run and private operators or can be reached in private transport or taxi as well. It is around 97 km from Goa while in Karnataka it can be approached from Hubballi and Belagavi which are two district towns located at 75 and 66 km respectively from Dandeli. From Bengaluru, Dandeli is situated at a distance of 459km and from Pune it is 440km. Tourists can also be transferred from airports located at Hubli, Belagavi, and Goa.

Leopard walking past camera trap just after rains
Wildcat in Dandeli: Leopard walking past camera trap just after rains - Photo: Giri Cavale 

From Bangalore (Train, Bus, Flight):

  • Train: If you wish to travel Bangaluru to Dandeli by train, there are no direct trains available since Dandeli has no railway station. However, one can take Rani Chennamma train(16589) which goes upto Belagavi (66km from Dandeli) or till Londa junction (around 37km from Dandeli).
  • Londa to Belagavi to Dandeli: Once you reach Londa or Belagavi you can take a bus/taxi to Dandeli.
  • Another option is to board The Janashatabdi Express (2079) and get down at Hubli Junction and from there take a bus to Dandeli or hire a cab. There is Yeshwantpura-Karwar express from Bangalore. Once you reach Karwar, a cab can be hired to Dandeli. Hubli is 75km from Dandeli. Night trains are available and various destinations can be reached by morning.
  • Bus: Buses are also a convenient mode of transport. Private operators (SRS/VRL) ply daily between the two destinations. Dandeli is around 477km from Bangalore and it takes about 9hrs to reach. The route taken is AH 47/NH 4 via Bangalore, Haveri, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Hiriyur, Tumkur and Dandeli.
    Bangalore to Hubli by Flight 
  • Flight: There is no airport in Dandeli. The nearest airports are Hubli airport situated around 75km and Goa (Dabolim) which is about 134km from Dandeli. Bangalore has direct flight connectivity to both these destination. From there you can either hire a cab or take a state bus. Bangalore to Goa flight time is 1hr 5min; while Bangalore-Hubli can be covered in 1hr 10min.

From Mumbai (Train, Bus, Flight)

  • Train: There are umpteen trains, some of which are superfast, which ply from Mumbai down south on the Konkan Railway route which passes Goa and Karwar, on the neighbouring Karnataka. Dandeli can be then reached by road from either Goa or Karnataka by hiring a cab. Goa-Dandeli by road is 122km while Karwar-Dandeli is 107km.
  • Flight: There is no direct connectivity of flight between Mumbai and Dandeli and therefore you can take a flight from Mumbai to Goa and then hire a cab from Dabolim airport to Dandeli. Flight time to Goa is 45 to 50 min.
  • Bus: There are various private bus operators plying between Mumbai and Bangalore which take the main Pune-Bangalore highway route and halt at Dharwad or Hubli. You can either take a state bus or hire a can from this place to proceed towards Dandeli.

From Pune

  • Train: If you wish to travel by train the route will be partly by train and the rest by road. By train one can reach only up to Belagavi which is 307km from Pune. Then from Belagavi trip towards Dandeli (66km) will be by hiring a cab.
  • Bus: Several buses travelling towards, Belagavi or Hubli or Bangalore can be chosen and you can either get down in Belagavi or Hubli to further proceed towards Dandeli by renting a cab.
  • Flight: There is no direct flight to Dandeli from Pune, but nearby destinations like Hubli or Goa can be reached and from there, cabs can be hired to reach Dandeli.

Goa (Train, Bus)

  • Train: For Goans, Dandeli can be a weekend destination. The best way to travel to Dandeli by train is to board the Link Express from Vasco to Hubli and get down at Londa Junction or Alnavar Junction. Then a bus or cab can be hired towards Dandeli. You can reach Londa from Vasco in about 3 hrs. While coming back from Dandeli, take the reverse route.
  • Bus: Goa to Dandeli by bus from Kadamba Bus Stand in Panjim takes around 3 hours. The route is Panaji-Ponda-Mollem-Anmod-Ramnagar-Dandeli. The driving distance is around 108 km.

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How to Reach Dandeli from Bike?

Travelling to Dandeli from Goa on a bike is a unique experience. This is more so because you are in the open and close to the route that involves ghat and jungle section and can get a firsthand experience of the road trip with the only sky above you and greenery all around you. It depends on where your starting point is from Goa. But the route commonly chosen is via the Mollem check post which is the Goan side of the Karnataka border when you approach from Ponda side after crossing Tisk-Usgaon. Once you cross the border, you will take a while as you approach the impending Anmod Ghat which is very scenic and beautiful.

Dandeli during Monsoon
Dandeli in Monsoon

A typical ghat area and surrounded by the lush green forests, it culminates at the Anmod check-post from where your destination towards Ramnagar begins. The Ghat ends and the road is generally straight here but the surrounding mountains and the fields around will mesmerize you. Small hotels and tea stalls lined along the route will help you to take your travel breaks and refresh yourself before proceeding further. The next stop will be Ramnagar which is the main junction considering that it is a common point for travelers coming in from Dharwad or Hubli and also from Belagavi. A right turn from Ramnagar will place you on to the Dandeli road. From here Dandeli is about 32 km and will take you around 1hr if you stop at places of your interest. 

Tiger on Dandeli Karwar Road
Tiger on Dandeli Karwar Road

For bikers places of interest are many. If you continue on the Mirjan-Ramnagar-Dandeli route you might miss a few spots, therefore, better to take a diversion in between and head towards the Jagalbet-Karwar road which will allow you to pass from Supa Dam viewpoint. Further down towards Joida, you can travel towards Syntheri rocks and the Sykes point. So there is a lot to offer if you travel on a bike. Camping is also an option in the jungle for bikers who will love to be one with nature. It’s the best way to experience the sights and sounds of Dandeli. Actually, the total distance from Goa to Dandeli is 122km by road and generally, it may take you about 3 to 4 hours if you consider the duration on a bike.

How is the Road trip to Dandeli?

The trip to Dandeli by road is one to be cherished for the rest of your life. Travelling by road, either by car or your bike can give the maximum joy as you move through the winding roads and encounter ghats and jungle areas giving you that close-to-nature experience. It always adds to the adventure of your trip if such elements form a part of your road journey. Actually, the road to Dandeli is beautiful and flanked by dense and thick forests which always keeps you up on your toes as you are always in awe of the wilderness and the animals it shelters.

So experience the thrills and spills of the jungle terrain and get captivated by nature's beauty and marvel at its creation. Dandeli has good road connectivity to neighboring states like Goa and also major towns within Karnataka like Hubballi, Dharwad, Belagavi and Bengaluru so travelling with your friends and family on car makes your travel-filled with fun and adventure. Read: Explore Dandeli - Things to do Guide


No doubt, Dandeli is a paradise where there is a confluence of nature's beautiful creations. Be it the Kali River, the dense forests, the wild animals or the myriad of chirping birds, or be it the natural rocks and caves, it's a complete package for people of varied interests and age. Dandeli is an ideal destination for couples, groups, friends or solo travelers from even metro destinations as it is well connected by rail or highway routes. Even nearby destinations like Goa and Hubli are air-connected to major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi or Pune, one can reach Dandeli within a few hours. So it's a perfect getaway destination to relax and ideate about nature and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dandeli. Time for some nature camping!