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An expert guide on selecting Yoga Teacher Training

Things to know before starting yoga teacher training

Yoga is booming in the modern world, the latest statistics in yoga alliance study for yoga shows that attraction for yoga is growing day by day.. The number of people practicing yoga in 2016 is up to 36 million. By end of 2017, this number can reach till 80 million. Reason is the benefits of yoga, they are very visible, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Economically, only Americans spent over $16 billions on yoga equipment, yoga clothing, classes and accessories since last year. This growing yoga craze brings lots of questions for beginners. The most important question is:

What is it in Yoga that brings balance in life?

Cobra-1 To get an answer for this question, you need to do this yoga teacher training course. To experience the authenticity of yoga, India is the best country for the best yoga teacher training. People have many questions in mind before selecting yoga teacher training centre for themselves.

Which yoga teacher training course (TTC) should I choose in India from hundreds of schools?  How long does it take to get certified?

It's difficult to answer. There are hundreds of yoga teacher training all over India.  I can only try to give some guidelines. It's a 200 hours teacher training period after which you get the yoga alliance certificate, which is recognized. This yoga teacher certification is valid around the world if you would like to teach yoga in yoga school or fitness centre.

Self-study, before asking the question what style of yoga I like to learn in TTC?

Gratitute The very first thing is to figure out what do you like in yoga asana,

  • Do you like easy asana? (Hatha yoga)
  • Flowing Asana? (Vinyasa yoga)
  • A discipline physical stamina practice? (Ashtanga yoga)
  • With props (Iyenger yoga)
  • Physical issue (Restorative yoga)
  • Meditative and easy asana practice? (Shivananda yoga)

In my opinion, I feel that if you have never done yoga or any other physical exercise, you should go for 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher training, or Shivananda yoga ttc to gain basic knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy with easy asana practice. If you know yoga asanas already and been doing for a long time. I would suggest you should go for ashtanga or vinyasa 200-hour yoga teacher training. If you have any physical issues, it is good that you go for iyenger 200-hour yoga teacher training. After you decide what exactly you need training in, search for schools that offer the style you want to take up. Many schools also offer multi-style. The real work of choosing the school starts.

HOW? Below are some research you need to do..


  • Check if the school is yoga alliance registered, because yoga alliance has a very practicality designed course, for 200 hours ttc, which school has to follow and if you are not satisfied with school you can complain to yoga alliance. More information you can check on yogaalliance.org
  • Study the testimonials of the school.
  • Check the history of the school. How long they are practicing yoga ttc, where is the school located. (sometimes schools are located in the mountains which becomes difficult if you are not used to walking)
  • Read about teachers and their qualifications. Enquire about the teachers who are going to train you.
  • Read details of what subject their emphasis is on in the teacher training course.
  • The study program format of teacher training of the school. If yoga teacher training school is very famous, it has advantages as well as disadvantages, famous school teachers are more experienced but at same time, there are many students in ttc, means less individual attention.
  • Now once you are convinced about the school, write to them and check if you need more details.
  • Compare the answer of different schools, and their price and be ready to choose.

Still a question arise during the search that if yoga's goal is spiritual, why it costs as much as an MBA?

Well, whatever you wish to pursue irrespective of it being spiritual or non-spiritual, will cost you an amount. Yoga is not just asanas, it’s a deep scientific practice which involves philosophy, contemplation, meditation and self-realization. For deeper knowledge in the subject, the first step is 200 hours ttc, where you spend one full month to learn all the aspects of yoga.

Next question in mind, Will I get a teaching job after taking this teacher training?

Yes, if you are good at practice and has gained enough knowledge, sometimes the school you study appoints you as an assistant and later as a teacher. You can also open your own studio, or give classes in fitness clubs or gyms. You can also provide private or online classes.

What are the requirements for a teacher training course?

You just have to attend Asana classes before and in case you want to do deeper study on Yoga, read the the "light on the path" commentaries on Patanjali Yoga Sutra by B.K.S Iyenger. Otherwise, the training centers also guide you about the books you can read to gain more knowledge. Hopefully, this helps you to travel on the path of Yoga.