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The age old Shri Mangeshi temple

The legend of the Mangeshi Temple

shri-mangeshi-temple goa - tripraja.com Deities play a major role in our lives, irrespective of the religion one belongs to. We believe in god because the belief has been imbibed in us since the beginning. India is adorned with temples which are standing tall from a very long time, now they are getting recognition by people from around the word for their architectural marvel and the belief of the Hindu people. Let’s take a trip to one such temple in Goa which is now a famous tourist site also known as The Mangeshi Temple.

The age old tale behind Shri Mangesh temple

It is believed that Lord Brahma consecrated the Mangesh Linga on the mountains of Mangireesh on the banks of river Bhagirathi, later the Saraswath Brahmins brought the linga to Bihar and then it was carried to Mathgrama which is present day Madgaon. They placed the Shiva Linga on the banks of Zuari River in Salcette. But soon the place fell prey to the Portuguese empire and conversions started to take place. To save the temple from being demolished by Portuguese, the Brahmins removed the sacred linga and kept it in a temple priest’s house for some time before it was finally placed in The Mangeshi Temple at Priol.

The elegant Architecture

The temple consists of a sacred pond which is oldest in the temple complex. The structure of the Mangeshi temple is simple but its elegance attracts people from all over the world. This 400 years old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has a sabha with 19th century chandeliers and space for a total of 500 people. At the entrance you will find a 7 storeyed deepstambha and there are other deities too in the Mangeshi temple complex. It is a small temple but the aura of the temple can be felt only when you visit.

Why a visit is a must

The Mangeshi temple is an amalgamation of culture, rich heritage and architectural marvel. When the 7 storey tall deepastambha is lighted with lamps in the evening, the view is simply majestic. Surrounded by beautiful coconut trees, jackfruit and mango groves and the paddy fields, nature at its best which makes it more appealing. Experiencing the spectacular piece of art and the grandeur of worshiping is a must.

Reaching this exotic yet legendary place

Reaching this oldest Hindu temple in Priol village, Ponda is easy because of the various conveyance options available. It is located at a distance of 21 kms from the state capital of Panjim and 26 kms from Madgaon. Visiting this beautiful Shiva temple, a place of worship and a belief for so many followers is grand in itself and a wish fulfillment for others.