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The drenching Rainy season in Goa

The amazing location of the Indian sub-continent, makes the country enjoy every season. People love to explore Goa in the monsoon season. As the saying goes, “Rain is not only drops of water. It’s the love of sky for earth. They never meet each other but sends love this way. “Goa being the most visited travel destination welcomes monsoon with open arms. And the magnetism of monsoon attracts a lot of people from various parts of the world too. You might feel that you cannot have fun in the rainy season, but to your surprise there are amazing things that you can enjoy more only during the monsoon season. Here is a list of various invigorating activities you can go for during Goan monsoon.

Places to visit during monsoon:

Dudhsagar waterfalls

dudhsagar-waterfall Located at a distance of 60km from Panjim, Dudhsagar waterfalls is a place which should not be missed. Situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka, there are various options to reach the place. You can go there by train or by road. And if you are a group of adventure enthusiasts you can trek too. But during the monsoon season, safety measures are taken into account, The greenery surrounding it is beyond description.

Trek to Tambdi Surla

Tambdi-Surla-Temple The beauty of Goa doesn’t lie only on the beaches but a lot of other things too. Tambdi surla temple is an example of it. Placed on the lap of nature, surrounded by green hilly forests and a freshwater stream flowing next to the temple is a must visit site. It is located inside Bhagwan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary and is noted to be the oldest temple in Goa. Built in 12th century, this shaivite temple of Mahadev becomes more beautiful during monsoon. You can only hear the sounds of nature there. You can trek to the falls too.

Spice Plantation

Spice-Tour-Gide-at-Spice-plantation Spice plantation is a place where different spices are grown. It is a wonderful experience to be amidst the end number of spices. You can actually feel the aroma of the spices. There is a restaurant inside too, you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the spice plantation. Enjoying a picnic here during monsoon is a thrilling experience.

Things to do during monsoon:

River Rafting

Monsoon-River-Water-Raftng If you have thought that fun watersports activities in Goa can only be enjoyed during the months of October to May, it is not your fault. Everyone thinks the same, but watersports have reached a whole new level after introducing river rafting as an adventure sports activity which can be best enjoyed during the months of June to September. Various travel agencies offer river rafting activity in Mhadei River which has around 3 to 4 rapids. It is simply a surprise offer for adventure enthusiasts.

A bike ride to Chapora

bike-ride-to-chapora I know this is not a much-highlighted activity, but I loved this one. Rent a bike and during monsoon, the rents are much cheaper. So you just have to rent a bike, fill petrol and start the best journey of your life. During this road trip, the greenery around will make you fall in love with the monsoon. On reaching the famous ‘Dil Chahta hai’ fort, don’t even try to keep your camera aside. Have a look at Vagator beach, how the Arabian Sea joins Chapora River, this classic view is worth getting wet in the heavy rains.

Watersport activities

Watersports-in-Goa During monsoon, the Arabian Sea becomes a bit ferocious. So, watersports activities are avoided during the 4 months of monsoon. But, if you don’t want to go back home without enjoying a few activities, travel to Malvan, which is around 140 km from Goa. Malvan offers all the watersports activities during monsoon too. Activities: Monsoon Things to do in Goa

Monsoon trip means cheaper Goa trip

During monsoon in Goa, as it is off season, everything becomes cheaper than the usual rates. Starting from the flight tickets to accommodation, everything easily fits in your budget. Plan a Goa trip during this monsoon to avail offers at low prices.

The amazing Goan cuisines

goan-fish-curry-rice Without tasting amazing food, your Goa trip can never be complete. Food has nothing to do with the season, you can enjoy Goan seafood any time of the year, and especially Goan fish curry rice. And during monsoon, the fishes and vegetables are so fresh that the taste is simply divine.


Bonderam-festival-at-Divar-Island Goa is not only gifted with the Goan carnival but other festivals too. Monsoon is the time for various local festivities. To name a few, there is the fertility feast of Sao Joao, the festival of St. Peter and Divar Island’s Bonderam festival. These are celebrated with pomp and show, Goa becomes truly colorful during monsoon.

A season for everything

Tambdi-Surla-Waterfall-Trek-in-monsoon If you are a romantic couple, go for a bike ride from one end to another. If you are adventure enthusiast, go for river rafting or waterfall trekking. And if you are a nature lover, book your rooms in a wildlife sanctuary. Monsoon in Goa offers something special to everyone. Grab the chance, book your cheap flight tickets to Goa this monsoon.