• 7 years ago

The hip-hop Carnival of Goa

Life is good if spent with people we love but life is better when we travel the world with the people we love and to make life the best-travel to Goa to enjoy the glittering sand Goan carnival.

How it all started

Goa Carnival The history of the carnival goes back to around 500 years when Goa was a colony of the Portuguese empire. The idea of the carnival was introduced by the Portuguese king which was a kind of celebration enjoyed before the season of lent. Lent is a period of 40 days of fasting and penance which purifies the soul, so before this period starts, people used to enjoy by street dancing, singing and feasting.

4 days of extraordinary frolic

Famous Carnival of Goa - King Momo Tripraja.com Carnivals are all about people, who have the power of making the non-living things live. It happens because people are excited about it and throughout the year they prepare the multi-colored floats which adorn the pearl of the orient for 4 days. The creativity of the Goan’s come out when these floats pass through the roads with King Momo on top of the biggest and the first float which is not only attractive but the hard work of the creators is also reflected through its magnificent looks.

And the merry making continues…

Famous Goa Carnival - Tripraja.com The involvement of the people to make the carnival grand and success is amazing. They sing they dance, they party and they enjoy. The crowd goes crazy with the different themed floats that pass. The state of Goa comes to life with the marvelous decorations that adorn every road, lane, trees and everything that is around. Carnival of Goa is not limited to the floats and dancing, it is about a lot of other things too. Some of the best music band performances, acrobats, theatrical acts and relishing Goan street food can also be experienced and enjoyed.

Why wait?

Famous Goa Carnival - Tripraja.com The fun of wishing each other with a ‘Viva Carnaval’ is a one in a million experience. The celebration takes place in the main cities of Goa, Margao, Panjim, Vasco and Mapusa. The best thing about the carnival of Goa is that it is an open event and everyone is invited without any ticket. So you just have to come and enjoy the carnival, for that pack your bags, book your tickets and head straight to Goa.