South Goa

South Goa is a perfect blend of sandy beaches, churches and temples rich in history, a slice of Portuguese culture, mouth-watering seafood, and undiluted lush greenery, all surrounded by an undeniable romantic vibe. South Goa is an ideal destination for those seeking solitude. Goa's southern beaches are perfect for those seeking a relaxing holiday rather than a party going experience POPULAR FOR - This region of Goa is known for its temples, waterfalls, hill spots, and natural beaches, paddy fields, coconut groves.

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Ancient Caves & Arvalem Waterfall In Goa

The Arvalem waterfall and Arvalem caves in Goa are a must-visit. It is also known as Haravalem or Harvale by the locals. While visiting Arvalem Falls, visitors can also explore Arvalem Caves. Goa is well-known throughout the world for its evergreen and clean atmosphere. The location is blessed with natural beauty on both sides of the road. However, it is surrounded by a lush forest. Visitors to this waterfall are amazed by its magnificence. You will have an unforgettable experience when visiting ancient caves and the Arvalem waterfall in Goa.

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Dudhsagar Trek Package From Goa

Among them, the Dudhsagar waterfalls, one of Goa's most prominent, should not be missed. Dudhsagar Falls, a four-tiered waterfall, is located in Mandovi River. From Castle Rock, the walk to Dudhsagar begins. Goa is known for its beautiful scenery and well-known tourist attractions. Though the Dudhsagar trip is not very difficult, it is arduous. If you don't wear good trekking shoes, your leg will start to hurt soon. This journey is unique and intriguing in comparison to other treks.

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Discover South Goa Day Tour In Shared Vehicle

Goa is a spectacular destination with something for everyone. For visitors flying to Goa, the city encompasses a variety of elements and perspectives. South Goa has a heady mix of exotic and sandy beaches, historic churches and temples, mouth-watering seafood, and the right blend of Portuguese and Indian culture. It will make your trip unforgettable. You can explore South Goa while traveling through a shared vehicle. Many hotels and resorts provide shared vehicle facilities. With this, you can complete your South Goa day tour in comfort and full of entertainment.


Beautiful Beaches 

With golden sands and spectacular views, Palolem is one of South Goa's most spectacular beaches. The place exudes a chilled-out party vibe with its vibrant beach shacks and swaying palm trees. Palolem offers a variety of water sports and adventurous activities, or you can just relax and enjoy the sun. Each Saturday, Palolem offers a lively market that gives you the chance to experience Goa's vibrant shopping culture. Located in the region's southern part, Agonda is an undiscovered paradise. Cottages and shacks line the beach's pristine shoreline. Casuarinas and palm trees enhance their beauty further. Furthermore, Agonda's beach is designated as a turtle nesting site, giving you even more reason to visit.

Benaulim is an idyllic retreat with gleaming white sand and a captivating shoreline. There are many sports to indulge in here, such as rollerblading on the white sand and strolling along the shore. There is the vibrant nightlife at this beach where you can have a great time. South Goa's Butterfly Beach is truly a hidden gem. Thousands of butterflies flutter over the hilltops in this semi-circular bay, an unexplored paradise.

Galgibaga, also known as Turtle Beach, is a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. Despite its sparse population and dense pine vegetation, it is a perfect destination for holidaymakers looking for some privacy, a splendid sunset view, and tranquility.

Popular Places in South Goa

Remedios Church: A place of worship dating back to 1630, Our Lady of Remedios Church at Betalbatim is renowned for its splendid architecture and serene ambiance. Daytime visitors find it soothing to contemplate the white church, which is surrounded by green lawns. Nighttime illumination makes the whole area of the church look magnificent. A sight to behold even today, the Saviour of the World Church was built in 1586. A beautiful Neo-Roman-style church, the majestic shrine is one of Goa's most gorgeous and magnificent structures.

Saint Alex Church is one of the oldest chapel churches in the region, having been built in 1597 on the shores of Angoddi Tollem Lake. Interestingly, the church was constructed on the site of an ancient Hindu temple named Ravalnath Temple.

The Three Kings Church in Cansaulim dates back to 1599 and is another ancient church in South Goa. Unlike the city's imposing structures, the isolated church is small and unassuming. What makes it so popular is that it is said to be haunted, which is why many people are attracted to it.

Cabo de Rama is one of the oldest forts in Goa and has a rich history and many legends associated with it. During their exile from Ayodhya, Lord Rama and his wife Sita stayed at this fort, according to one legend. The fort is said to have been named in honor of Lord Rama. Today, the fort is home to the Church of Santo Antonio, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

Popular Things to do in South Goa

Trekking Activities: A jungle trek is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of South Goa. Wildlife sanctuaries are abundant in South Goa and provide ample opportunities for exploring the pristine scenery of the area. Throughout the year, many tourists visit the Cotiago wildlife sanctuary in South Goa to try their hand at jungle trekking. People are drawn to the wildlife sanctuary because it has a variety of wild animals and rare birds.

Banana Ride: Even South Goa offers the banana ride as one of its adventurous water sports activities, just like North Goa. The beach at Calangute is the perfect place to enjoy a full range of water sports and activities.

Rock Climbing: There is no better place than South Goa to rock climb. Beginners can take part in this activity and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Rock climbing is a popular activity in South Goa due to its numerous excellent rock faces. Tourists and visitors to this place enjoy this sport because it is an adventurous activity.

Dolphin Watching: The visitors try dolphin watching as a fun activity. People in this activity are taken to a particular location in a boat so that they can witness the tricks and acts that these dolphins perform.

How is Crowd in South Goa

South Beaches are quite famous and less crowded, so there are many vendors selling food on the beach and you can expect a good crowd. South Goa beaches are mostly known for their low crowds. A large number of foreign tourists visit throughout the year.

Food in South Goa

North Goa is a pretty fancy place with many clubs and cafes, but south Goa is harder to figure out where to eat. Dining options range from shacks to alfresco eateries in the region, from casual to fine dining. There are delicious, diverse and budget-friendly food options on every street and in every nook.

Accommodations in South Goa:

Located next to a beach and a clubhouse, the apartments at Benaulim have fully furnished interiors and an outdoor pool. Apart from having an equipped kitchenette, the apartments offer all the comforts of home for one's holiday stay. In South Goa, people return to most of the popular resorts year after year because of the pristine beaches, forts, landscapes, dramatic sunsets, and calm peace that has become synonymous with the region. A stay at a resort provides a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate.

Accommodation Price in South Goa

Travellers on a budget will appreciate the cheap hotels in South Goa that provide free Wi-Fi and parking. Average nightly costs for a room start at 7,500 INR.