Scuba Diving Tours in Goa

No doubt Goa is considered a dream destination for all nature and adventure lovers, and why not when it offers so many wonderful activities in its proximity. Out of which, one of the most captivating experiences one can indulge in is Scuba diving in Goa. This tiny city offers the most accessible access to scuba diving in the country. The popularity of this adventure sport is quite visible amongst the visitors who wish to see the underwater world with their own eyes.

The history of Scuba diving goes back to the time when Alexander performed his underwater activity in 332 BCE. According to the historical facts, In the year 1880, Alexander Lambert was the first person to scuba dive with modern equipment and techniques. And Since then, the world has not stopped indulging in this best underwater experience. The mesmerizing and oozing marine life underwater indeed brings you to another world. The popularity of Scuba diving sites in Goa is due to their various wrecks, Portuguese galleons and world war II war vessels that are also visible during the dive. Around 10-15 diving sites in Goa offer adventure seekers some of the best scuba diving experiences. The best part is each and every diving site has an excellent setup for diving at affordable rates. The charge of your dive would cost you depending upon the length of your drive, which you can plan or choose as per your comfort. So, now, if you are someone who is thirsty for some underwater adventures, then there is no better place than Goa itself. One can experience the best professional diving experience under mentors, and that too with affordable diving packages. So head on your next Goa vacation, book your budget diving package and explore the ravishing and exotic underwater kingdom.

How Safe Is Scuba Diving in Goa

Suppose one can experience the safest dive that is surely in Goa. The best advantage of diving in Goa is the protocols of all safety standards that all tour operators follow. Every scuba diving team consists of diving experts who are experienced and are actually master of scuba diving. The trainers perfectly train every individual with all safety equipment and rules so that one doesn't experience any discomfort while driving. Apart from that, Goa diving sites usually offer the best visibility range.

The visibility in all diving sites of Goa ranges from 3 to 5 meters that are pretty good even for beginners or for first-timers. The water temperatures range from 27 to 30 degrees, making it another safe factor for swimmers to dive comfortably. The water depth is also not usually more than 8-20 meters. In short, we can say Scuba diving in Goa is surely one of the safest adventurous activities one can indulge in.

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Explore Best Diving Experience in Goa

Best Scuba Diving Packages in Goa

Goa is one vacation city that offers space for every sort of adventure, especially when it comes to sea activities like Scuba diving. There is an innumerable number of Scuba Diving packages and deals for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, intermediary or a professional diver, you can always get the best list of Scuba diving packages for you. No matter what is your budget, you will always find affordable Scuba diving packages that are suitable for you and your friends or family. If you wish to attain a PADI certification, then this could be your first step towards it. There are the best team of trainers and experts who can guide you with the best safety and driving techniques so that you can comfortably swim around the underwater world.

Scuba diving packages in Goa are not limited to just this, but there are plenty of other packages as well that will let you experience the other side of Goa. You can pair up your Scuba diving experience with other sea expeditions and water sports activities as well. Tour operators also make sure that you relish all the comfort during your experience and make every possible effort to make it safe and best for you.

List of Scuba Diving Packages under ₹2,500

When it comes to Scuba diving in Goa, you won't be disappointed even if you have a low budget. We at offer you the cheapest packages for Scuba diving that can also be paired with other water sports. If you are looking for budget-friendly scuba diving packages or combo packages under Rs, 2500 then have a look below.
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Tarkarli Scuba Diving – Malvan Diving Package

Embark on a fun-filled day-out tour and take part in this fascinating activity of Tarkarli scuba diving. It will undoubtedly bring you enormous joy. You can enjoy this fantastic pastime by diving deep into the blue water to see the undersea world. Take advantage of this Tarkarli scuba diving adventure with your family and friends at Malvan Beach. You will also be able to learn about rare underwater species. This activity will be carried out under the supervision of specialists. So you won't have to worry about any safety or security concerns.

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Scuba Diving With Water Sports In Malvan

Malvan is an attractive town with lovely beaches that are excellent for various adventure and water sports activities. This beautiful and fantastic location allows you to experience Scuba diving water sports activities. Moreover, Scuba diving is one of the exciting adventure sports. At Malvan Beach, the scuba diving watersports package includes a fun-filled adventure vacation that will provide you with lasting experiences. You will be thrilled after a day of adventure at Malvan Beach.

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Scuba Diving at Grand Island in Goa

A journey to Grande Island is an absolute must-do trip to Goa. A wonderful blend of exotic adventures and stunning vistas will ensure that you have a memorable vacation. Grand Island offers one of Goa’s best scuba diving experiences with its pristine water and tour packages. By diving deep into the water, you will experience magnificent marine life. It will be a wonderful experience with thrill and entertainment. This will be your one-stop destination in Goa for the best Scuba Diving activities.


Professional Scuba Diving Package under ₹5000

Goa is not limited to just booze and parties, so it's time you explore the different sides of Goa and avail our top Scuba diving packages under Rs 5000. All these packages are curated, keeping in mind the needs of professionals and beginners. Individuals can also take Scuba diving with pool training sessions under a professional trainer.
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Netrani Island Scuba Diving

Netrani is also known as Pigeon Island. The most famous activities at Netrani are snorkeling and scuba diving. In the depths of the sea, you can discover marine species. Scuba diving and snorkeling are usually done from a boat that is anchored near the island. Underwater exploration of the island is challenging due to the sharp rocks and cliffs. Here you'll find various coral, butterflyfish, triggerfish, parrotfish, eels, and shrimps. Orcas and Whale Sharks have also been spotted by the visitors surrounding the island. Professional divers will find this island to be ideal.

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Explore Scuba Diving With Pool Training

Goa features several "hidden gems," some of which are buried beneath the sea. Here's your chance to learn about Goan marine life, coral reefs, and buried ships. For Scuba diving pool training, you will need to clear three entry-level. They are theory, practice, and application. For theory, you should know basic scuba knowledge. However, for practice level, you will be practicing in the pool with a trainer. And at last, after clearing all the levels, you can fill your application. This is how you can explore with Scuba diving.

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Advance Scuba Diving Package In Goa

Scuba diving is one of those water sports that should be on the bucket list of every traveler. You will deep dive into the water while using a face mask, scuba, and fins. And discover the fascinating and exotic underwater marine life. The water is clear, giving you excellent vision to see the lovely corals. Scuba diving is a sport that involves prior training with certified divers in a pool or a shallow-water section of the sea. However, pool training is a must to perform before Scuba diving activities in the water.


Professional Scuba Diving Tours In Goa

If you are already a professional, then you can opt for this Professional Scuba diving package. This package will not include pool training but will focus on quality and advanced level diving, and you will have a sea diving expert with exceptional levels of visibility.

Our amazing range of Scuba diving packages is curated carefully by our tour experts. From short tours to leisure diving experiences, Scuba diving packages under Rs 7,000 will give you plenty of options to make your package more exciting. All the packages have different destinations which you can choose as per your interest.


Watersports In Goa Package

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Snorkeling In Goa

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Romantic Dinner On Cruise In Goa

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Flyboarding Adventure In Goa

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Scuba Diving Professional Cource

All the courses provide certification from professional institutes and training under dive experts. Here are different Scuba diving courses learners can learn in Goa:

PADI Open Water Diving Course

PADI Open Water Diving Course is a four-day learning program that starts from the basics of diving and takes you to the best competitive level. The course teaches you the pro techniques of diving, which is recognized worldwide. After the completion of this course, you can also opt for the PADI Divemaster course to learn advanced new skills.

PADI Advanced Diver Course

PADI Advanced Diver Course is a two-day program that trains you with 5 Scuba diving techniques. The course teaches you deep diving up to 30 metres and underwater navigation as well. This is a must-learn course for someone who wants to learn the simple basics of diving.

PADI Rescue Diver Course

The PADI Rescue Diver Course is one unique course that completely changes the way you dive. It is the most challenging yet the most rewarding course for underwater lovers. It is a level up course and takes around four days to complete. After this course, you can become a certified rescue diver worldwide.

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Combo Deals With Scuba Diving In Goa

Get best price and Avail deals on Scuba Diving with Other Activities Combo Packages. We offer special coupon codes to our customers so that you can save huge on all activity deals and tours.

When we talk of Goa, then you will find countless deals and tour packages that will offer you all the amazing activities enough to give you the amazing adventure vibes but something that will make your trip a memorable one. From water sports adventures to sightseeing, there is no dearth of options for entertainment deals in Goa. 

Out of all the activities you will see in Goa, Scuba diving is one of the loved water sports adventures that is worth indulging in Goa. No matter the occasion of a visit to Goa, if you are an adventure enthusiast, you must avail the fantastic deals available on Scuba diving activities in Goa. We at TripRaja offer our clients the best deals and discounts on combo deals with Scuba Diving. Indulge in the fantastic aqua adventure world and grab the best packages with us!

No matter what your budget is, you can always indulge in great fun activities in Goa without worrying about the money factor. However, when visiting Goa, remember booking a fun package is always a smart choice, especially if you are headed on a budget vacation. With TripRaja, you can enjoy great discounts on Scuba diving combo deals and other activities. 

All of these fun Scuba diving combo deals include pick-up services, various water sports activities like the Bumper ride, Banana ride, Jetski ride, Parasailing, and lots more. Apart from that some packages also include food and snacks with additional charges. On-demand photography and videography are also available on the majority of scuba diving sites in Goa. 

Some of the best Scuba diving combo deals you can choose from are:  

Scuba Diving Photos

Scuba Diving + Watersports in Goa

This Scuba diving combo deal offers the adventures of underwater marine life and sightseeing altogether. After completing your dive, you can go on a boat ride to relish a unique sightseeing experience. The journey starts from Sinquerim Beach on a jetty and takes you to different sightseeing locations of Goa while you enjoy jumping dolphins around you in the Arabian sea.

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Scuba Diving + Watersports package in Malvan

This package lets you indulge in calming deep waters of the Malvan diving site. The experts will guide and demonstrate to you everything before the five. In this package, you can also opt for other water sports activities like Banan ride, jet ski ride, Parasailing, etc.

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Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Goa

This package includes the two best underwater activities that are Scuba diving and Snorkeling. The trainers will give you a brief for both the activities and the total duration of both the activity will be of around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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There are different prices for Scuba diving packages in Goa. The price you will pay depends upon the package you choose, and generally, the package begins at Rs 2000 to 5000 at different locations.

Yes, you can indulge in Scuba diving activities even if you don't know swimming. Also, all scuba diving sites in Goa have expert trainers and divers who offer excellent training before the dive and are also there to help divers anytime they feel uncomfortable.

The cheapest Scuba Diving package in Goa can be enjoyed at the Nagoa diving site, which will cost you around Rs 2000 per head.

Both Goa and Malvan are beautiful and serene underwater diving sites. However, Goa has more exciting diving sites where visitors can indulge in a more appealing scuba diving experience

The best season for Scuba Diving in Goa is from October to May. The temperature ranges around 20-30 degrees Celsius, making it quite comfortable to enjoy underwater diving.

There are numerous diving sites in Goa. However, the best scuba diving experience can be relished at these five diving sites:

  • Grande Island: This location also known as Bat Island, is a famous scuba diving location in Goa. It is located very close to Vasco Da Gama and hosts other exciting water sports activities like snorkeling and fishing. It is a perfect site for both beginners and expert-level divers.
  • Davy ones Locker: The 14 meters deep dive will take you into the simplistic marine life that is home to tropical fishes like barracuda, tuna, mullets, etc. This site is only for experienced divers due to strong water currents.
  • Suzy’s Wreck: Suzy’s Wreck begins to appear just 2 meters from the surface when you reach a depth of 12 meters in the waters for dive. The marine life of Suzy's Wreck gives you glimpses of tropical fishes, squids, rays, etc.
  • Sail Rock: This is another fantastic diving site located very close to Grande Island. It is a rock pinnacle jutting out of the surface of the sea. Diving at Sail Rock will offer you a close interaction with bigger fishes. Due to strong undercurrents
  • Uma Guma Reef: This Diving Site is a 14-meter deep diving site that lets you swim with big groupers, tune, triggerfish like marine life. Along with that, you will also get beautiful glimpses of coral formations—a perfect underwater photography diving site.

Scuba Diving in Goa is completely safe as all diving sites have professional scuba divers who train all the beginners with easy steps that make diving a fun activity. Additionally, all the divers also follow all safety measures to avoid any kind of mishappenings.

There is no fixed rule that you need to bring scuba equipment, and our tour operators provide all scuba diving equipment necessary at the time of diving activity.

Scuba diving is a safe activity, but children below the age of 10 are not allowed to go diving in Goa. In addition to this, individuals suffering from different medical ailments associated with the heart, backbone, and legs should also not try scuba diving activity. Therefore if your kids qualify and do not fall in this category, then they can try scuba diving.

You should wear comfortable clothes like a fitting lower or shorts and T-shirt when going scuba diving. Avoid wearing and costly or expensive jewellery or ornaments.

You can go for up to 5 to15 feet deep dive in Goa. Deep diving is not available in Goa, so this is the maximum limit you can dive up to.

If you wish to earn a professional diving certification, you can avail yourself of our special Scuba diving certification package. This package includes professional diving classes where you can learn scuba diving from trained experts, and after the training, you will also get a certification

No, there is no necessity that you need to bring any special gear. That’s because whichever tour operator you choose will provide you with everything you need for your diving activity. However, there are certain things you should carry on your part like sunscreen, sandals, a light top to wear in between dives, a bottle of water, etc. Also, if you plan a photography and videography package in your scuba diving package, they also bring a pen drive or memory card to take back your memories with you.

Scuba diving is a fun and adventurous activity, but you should keep specific precautions in mind to enjoy a fun-filled diving experience.

  • Avoid going for a dive after eating a heavy lunch or breakfast. · Avoid going on an empty dive stomach.
  • Do not try anything new or experiment with your breakfast on the day you plan to try scuba diving in Goa.
  • Listen to your trainer's instructions very carefully and follow all the rules and safety symbols assigned by your diving expert.
  • If you are suffering from any flu, blocked sinus, or fever, you should not go swimming or diving for water sports activity.
  • If you have undergone recent surgery, have active asthma, respiratory issues, or any kind of spinal problems, then you should avoid diving.
  • Before going for a dive, remember to fill your comprehensive medical questionnaire that declares your fitness and health status before the dive.

Plan Your Scuba Diving Adventure with us

We understands the thirst of all those adventure-seeking souls and thus helps them in fulfilling all their wishes. Scuba Diving is surely an activity that no one can resist as you get to see the beautiful and wonderful underwater kingdom. With our help, you can explore the best diving sites in Goa for your diving experience.

In fact, we provide an amazing range of scuba diving packages that you can customize as per your preferences and requirements. All you have to do is to contact us, and the rest we can take care of. In addition to that, we provide a flexible booking & cancellation policy so that you get the best adventure experience without any hassles. Grab the finest booking options for Scuba Diving in Goa today with

Scuba Diving Goa

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          Other Activities in Goa 

          This is the reason why all adventure enthusiasts straightway head to this location whenever they feel like tasting some adrenaline rush. There are several other activities in Goa other than Scuba Diving in which visitors can indulge. 

          Some of the common water sports activities that visitors can enjoy are paddleboarding, speed boat rides, Snorkeling, Parasailing, banana ride, bumper ride, kayaking, etc. In addition to this, visitors can also indulge in some adrenaline-rushing adventure sports like jet surfing, water scooter race, white water rafting, windsurfing, kite surfing, etc. Besides that, Goa is also quite famous for its various sightseeing locations like Chapora Fort, St. Thomas Church, Agoda Fort, and more. You can book your sightseeing tours to explore its excellent sites in one go. 

          We offers you great deals and discounts on all types of tour activities in Goa. Whether you wish to book your water sports package or sightseeing, or a combo of both, we are here to cater to all your needs. Enjoy big discounts on all activities and relish a memorable trip. 

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